How Somerville Elections Department Carried Out the Final Blow for Curtatone

By William Tauro

Everybody saw what happened this past Tuesday, September 14th on Somerville’s Primary Election night. The voters were devastated when the final numbers appeared across their TV and computer screens. The numbers just didn’t add up nor did the end results. Many unanswered questions need to be addressed here regarding the following:

Did it ever come to anyone’s mind why Mary Cassesso didn’t question the final count and ask for a recount when she only lost to Katjana Ballantyne by less than 100 votes (79 votes to be exact)?

The reason is because a recount would reveal voter fraud exposing that over 26,000+ votes were cast, but only 15,000+ votes were actually counted.

Did anybody ever wonder why the entire phone system and internet systems suddenly and very conveniently went down at Somerville City Hall which included the Somerville Election Department on Tuesday, September 14th during the primary election?

The answer to that is because the phone lines and Internet are on a voiceover data system at Somerville City Hall including all municipal city buildings. When you casted your ballots at any of the many polling locations across the city that day, each machine recorded that ballot as being cast. As that machine recorded that polling location’s ballot count, it was then supposed to transmit that data to Somerville City Hall and then simultaneously to the Somerville Election Department to be recorded and counted and split up between the four mayoral candidates on who’s vote goes to who.

But unfortunately none of that happened. Once you put your ballot in the machine at the polling place that day, the data did not get a chance to transmit to Somerville City Hall including to the Election Department because there was no Internet service to allow that data to be transmitted thus causing it not to be transmitted to the election department, instead only to be recorded in the individual voting machines only. Fortunately each machine has a hard drive which records the amount of ballots that were cast. Unfortunately with the Internet being down that day, the data that should of been transmitted to the elections department was never received so it could not be recorded properly.

We are unable to provide you, our supporters with complete information prematurely, but I can tell you this; We are not giving up at all! Our Campaign staff were volunteers which a handful operated as professionals in the election department for Somerville for years. They provided us with detailed information of how the Somerville Election Department mishandled ballots and resulted in irregularities that occurred throughout the process.

The mishandling of ballots providing the inaccurate count of over 26,000 votes that were cast will be reconciled. The election department will be investigated and when found guilty of the crimes that tangible evidence has already come forward, individuals responsible for this fraudulent activity will be held accountable 100%.

Other voting irregularities were also reported by multiple witnesses who testified under oath regarding five separate Somerville Polling Locations where they were told by the pole workers to insert the ballot in the voting machine facing up. With the ballot facing up, that poll worker could easily see who the voter was voting for. For instance if a vote was for Tauro, that poll worker would let the ballot go through the voting machine with the ballot facing up thus making it non-readable by the machine when the ballot was cast. Another example to note that if another ballot with the ballot facing up again was for Mary Cassesso, that poll worker would instruct that voter that the ballot is upside-down instructing that voter that they must turn it facedown to be recorded then casted that vote and recorded.

Somerville is broken and the people of Somerville are being cheated by the very same people that they have elected to represent them. This injustice and infringement of our rights in this day and age must come to an immediate halt. It’s bad enough that our voices are often silenced, but now even our rights are taken away at the polls. 

Until the FBI completes their process I still have only less than 45 days to run my campaign so every day counts that’s why we’re running a write-in/sticker campaign

Thank you for your continued support and our goals to protect all the citizens of Somerville Massachusetts!

We are in it to win it, so on November 2nd my name will not appear on the ballot due to this recent contested election interference, but instead please write in “William Tauro” and address “333 Great River Road” in the space provided on the ballot and please remember to circle the oval dot next to where you write in my name next to it!

Like I said, we are in this to win it! I want to be a mayor and a voice for all! Let’s take back our city and save Somerville from further political interference and destruction.

William Tauro


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