Somerville’s Martin Polignone Supporting Billy Tauro for Mayor

I’m supporting Billy Tauro for Mayor of Somerville because he supports the elderly and disabled

As a former small business owner I know first hand Billy has not just the business skills to bring to City Hall, but Billy has the more important people skills and personality that comes from the heart where he cares about everyone and has long before his running for office cared for seniors , veterans, and the disabled community, out of his own expense looking for nothing in return other then friendship and making the city a better place.
After spending many years in the second part of my career working with elders and disabled persons in all areas such as housing, healthcare and benefits, consumer issues and many other areas, I know Billy is the only candidate that will best care for our seniors , veterans, and disabled persons in Somerville. He has already shown us what he can do. Let’s give him our support and make him our next Mayor!

Thank you,
Martin Polignone

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