Where Have the Council Members Gone?

By Arthur Moore

Talking to people on the street around me and other parts of Somerville I find it hard to believe that most people have no clue to many of the council members names and even less for the at large ones.

But let’s face it, when do you ever hear from them? Years ago we would always be hearing from the aldermen as they were called at that time as they were always doing things. Now it’s like they don’t exist. The last few weeks have brought on much turmoil here in the city with lots of fires and guns. I am sure much more has gone on we just don’t hear about it. My own ward four council member showed his head for a photo shoot for one of the fires. Then nothing. Also nothing from an at large one that lives near here wither. Except now a bulletin for the Star Market thing again which I am not sure of what they are up to but I am guessing it won’t be what the people of Winter Hill want. And what’s with the at large council? What do they even do? It’s like these people don’t even exist. I know it’s a great paying part time job but shouldn’t we get work from the people who got elected because they wanted the job? Look around and see the problems we are having here for sometime now and it is just like things are stopped in time. Businesses, landlords and tenants are crying out for help due to the pandemic and the mistakes of the mobility department implementing ideas that do not work and creating a hardship for the people of Somerville and yet the council is still mia. Fires and shootings get ignored by them? So why do we even have one? There is a lot of work to be done to get this city back up and running the way it should be. With the new mayor I am hoping he will be able to have some input on making people put the work in and do their jobs. It would be nice to pick up the paper and see our city council members at work doing something meaningful for the job they wanted. Something I have yet to see.

2 thoughts on “Where Have the Council Members Gone?”

  1. Your right Scott hasn’t posted anything about anything I think they may be in hiding untill the election is over stop work on Washington St. Bus and bicycle lanes that he lie about at his meetings and don’t tell anyone about bus and bicycle lanes are they hoping people will forget about all the rotten things they did to Somerville people like Broadway beacon St. The new highest water tax increase ever the fact that they been lie about the tax relief when they build their new so call misused building for 20 years or maybe they don’t want you to know that they are trying lock Somerville people in they homes and give up their cars so we can have bus and bicycle lanes..they don’t want to say anything about the rat problem or street flooding

  2. They don’t care about the gun violence in the city. They are too concerned with defunding the police and safe injection sites. We need to vote them all out.

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