William “Billy” Tauro Multi Lingual Communities of Somerville Voter Registration Party Celebration Wednesday August 4th from 6-9PM

English/Latino/Brazilian/Portuguese/Italian/Haitian/Chinese/Indian and more…

English version:

Come and meet Somerville’s next mayor William“Billy” Tauro at a meet & greet and while you’re there he’ll assist you to register to vote right there! Meet Billy on Wednesday August 4th from 6-9PM and he will help you register to vote and give you an absentee ballot application right there as well while we’re all enjoying the meet and greet with complimentary appetizers, music and festive Salsa dancing at Gauchao Brazilian Cuisine Restaurant located at 102 Broadway, in Somerville.

William “B” Tauro being from a family of immigrants himself and married to a Brazilian/ American immigrant. William “B” Tauro is the only mayoral candidate in Somerville that will actually help all immigrants with whenever they need him for anything even with assistance to become legal, open your own businesses, to help in time of trouble, to help with housing or immigration issues and to thrive in the United States William “Billy” Tauro will be there for you! So come and meet William “Billy” Tauro Wednesday on August 4th at Gauchao Brazilian Cuisine Restaurant located at 102 Broadway in Somerville.

For more Information please call: (617)293-2016

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