Somerville Central Police and Fire Station

By Arthur Moore

I know they want to once again build a new police and fire station. I would like to think some thought would be put into this to get it off to the right start.

Is there any reason why we cannot locate it in a more central spot of the city rather than off to one side of it? Or did all the condo developments use up the space needed? Granted I am not an expert on this but common-sense dictates that a place of this type should be where it is most convenient for the public to access and a central spot for police to be able to reach out at any time to all areas of the city. I can only assume also as a non-expert that there must be things kept at the station for that may be needed for those occasional emergencies that the police are not equipped with as they are rarely needed. It would appear if something was needed in Teele Square it would take a long time to get it there. Is having a central location even considered? I tried to follow the logic of moving this close to the Boston side but seems to make no sense. Maybe before we jump in we should consider another idea about where to place

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