Cosmo Curtatone Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges

By William Tauro 

On May 7th Cosmo Curtatone, brother of Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, was arrested in Medford on domestic abuse charges. Cosmo Curtatone, 51, is accused of during an argument throwing a set of keys at his estranged wife Barbara Curtatone striking her the face at her Bonner Street Medford residence.

According to Medford Police reports, Cosmo Curtatone had entered his estranged wife’s bedroom after entering the residence where he accelerated an argument before assaulting her.  According to the police report, during Cosmo Curtatone’s confrontation with his estranged wife, Mrs. Curtatone’s son had at the same time locked himself in the bathroom to avoid any physical altercation with Mr. Curtatone.

This story is still developing…

Medford Police Report Attached:

2 thoughts on “Cosmo Curtatone Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges”

  1. Hello asshole

    So at the time this was written i was still a minor, I was not supposed to be mentioned, you also listed the street me and my mother resided on (Thats Illegal!)

    Maybe reach tf out to the PD and get ACCURATE INFORMATION! Though i do not condone my fathers past and stuff like that i still dont appreciate being mentioned in a fucking news report
    If you had any decent bones in your body you would take this down, seriously billy, Your brother ronald atleast had some class
    Have a blessed day you satanic shitbag <3

  2. That will be forgotten about in a week. Like all the illegal stuff the Curtatones are involved in.

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