Gary Leavitt and Friends (New England’s only Variety Show) 1510 WMEX

Gary Leavitt and Friends (New England’s only Variety Show). Brother’s Gary and Keith Leavitt host this high energy entertaining show.

Each week the two interview celebrities from all walks of life including professional athletes, famous musicians, actors and actresses, comedians, human interest stories.

Gary is known as the Wizard of Stars for his ability to impersonate just about any celebrity voice and Keith, an incredible historian, combine their talents and styles for a thoroughly engaging show.

“Keith educates while I entertain,” said Gary. “We do switch off depending upon the conversation/topic. The show is tight and inviting. We try to have something for everybody.”

Gary Leavit and Friends is the only radio variety show in New England. It has been voted as the most entertaining radio show in the entire country. Each week brothers Gary and Keith interview famous people including professional athletes, Hollywood actors and actresses, world famous musicians, top-notch comedians, human interest stories in much more. Gary himself is known as the wizard of stars for his ability to impersonate just about any celebrity, politician, professional athlete, cartoon character actor etc. his brother Keith is quite the historian and his knowledge in so many different areas is unmatched. Aside from the interviews Gary provides comedy skits with his abilities to engage all ages. They also have won several New England broadcast awards for their riveting, engaging interviews. They are on 1510 WMEX Boston every Sunday Morning from 7 AM -930


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