Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Victor MOYA (Disorderly, ABPO)

On May 9, 2021 I was in full uniform working in a patrol capacity for the Somerville Police Department. At 9:02 P.M., I was dispatched to 179 Broadway, Maya Sol Restaurant for a fight. The reporting party stated to Somerville Police Dispatch that there was a male inside the establishment that was trying to fight the people.

As I arrived on scene, Trooper Sullivan Badge 3884, was already inside and was walking an intoxicated male party out the door. Trooper Sullivan introduced me to Mr. Victor Moya who was already in an agitated state. I explained to Mr. Moya that he was free to leave and that he was no longer welcome inside the restaurant due to his behavior. Mr.Moya took one step away and turned around, he began to walk towards us. I took a step back and used my arm to keep Mr. Moya at a safer distance. I was forced to push Mr. Moya back two times while telling him to back up as he continued to advance towards me aggressively. Mr. Moya stated that he was a big guy and smiled as he charged towards us. He continued to mumble and I was unable to distinguish what he was saying.

All of the patrons inside the restaurant had gathered at the front door and large windows, cars which had stopped at the red light continued to sit even when the light had turned green.

Mr. Moya advanced towards me a third time and pushed past my outreached arm and forcefully chest bumped me pushing me backwards. It was at this time I used his momentum and utilized an arm bar take down. Mr. Moya was taken to the ground. Multiple nips of alcohol spilled out of his sweatshirt onto the sidewalk. He tensed up his arms but I was able to handcuff him with out incident. I advised Mr. Moya that he was now under arrest. Unit 200 was called to transport Mr. Moya back to headquarters. While seated Mr. Moya tried to escape the handcuffs and attempted to break them.

Mr. Moya was eventually transported back to the Somerville Police Station by unit 200, where he was booked by Lt. C. Vivilo.

I attempted to speak with the patrons and staff of Maya Sol. Many of the patrons explained to me that they had never seen Mr. Moya before. On this evening he came inside and was trying to fight multiple people including an older gentleman who appeared distraught but did not wish to talk to me.

Mr. Victor Moya is being charged with the following:

265/13D/A – Assault and Battery on a Police Officer
272/53/F – Disorderly Conduct

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Joseph Moreira
Patrolman #320
Somerville Police Department

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