William “Billy” Tauro Pulls Nomination Papers For Mayor of Somerville

Photo:William Tauro and wife Marisa Tauro at Somerville Election Department Pulling Papers


My name is Billy Tauro, and I want to talk about a few of the issues currently in Somerville.
As a member of many local service clubs for over three decades, I have dedicated my life to helping others in need. I have invested much time and money within the community and continue to do so every day. This gave me a pride that is unmatched in performing good Deeds.

All the while as I slowly watched the deterioration of a once strong and proud neighborhood.

I have expressed many concerns over the lack, and historic abuse of leadership that has had a strong hold over the development and management of expansion and repairs throughout. Frustrated by the corruption, I entered this Campaign after exhausting all options of allowing anyone to take on Joe Curtatone and change the dangerous path he created. The approach of the Councilors left me saddened by their lack of enthusiasm to stand up and fight for the citizens but, gave me their,” behind the scene “blessings on taking up the seat by myself. This is why I am here advocating for those who have feared retaliation from the elected officials that currently hold their respective offices.

My platform is not an easy rhetoric of past candidates. It consists of many difficult issues and policies that need to be cleaned up to serve the community as a whole. Certain groups have always had desires to choose their small battles and collectively influence their ward Councilor for a stand on their choice for a more enjoyable and convenient area to focus on.

Many topics can be addressed but for the betterment of the community, a common ground must be met. My outline scratches the surface but has a solid basis on which we as a community of neighbors, can build together. Not everyone agrees with certain decisions and many have their own ideology on how this city should be developed and conducted accordingly. It is in the foundation of our historical factors and operational commerce that will keep us moving in a positive direction. I realize that some do not agree with others. That is the common practice of check and balance of a city. For myself, I become motivated by observing this in ourselves as it assures each and every one of us that we strive for a greater outlook.

It was never my original desire to be political or run for an office. My offer was put on the table and for the obvious fear of reprisals, not one of the Councilors would step up and take on the “bully” Joe. My choices were very clear at that moment, as you see me here, now, steadfast and determined. Once I commit myself to something I follow it through to the end. I will keep my fight strong to make the necessary improvements to bring our city to the functional operation and reputation that all deserve to have pride in.

I offered an olive branch to all elected officials back in September to stand up and work with me. Progress is measured in time, and by the people, that show great interest in the issue that needs addressing and discovering new solutions. I will move the city forward and do my very best to work with as many of you that are willing to bring a greater resolve to the current tasks we now face. My words ring true and will continue reaching out to you my fellow citizens in hope, that we can on some level, find a common ground to work together, and bring a harmony and balance to Somerville.

Thank you , and please remember to take time out of your life to cast a vote for me this November. I look forward to discussing topics of concern with you in the near future. Please feel free to reach out to me. I maintain an open door policy and have offered up my private contact information to make myself more accessible to you my fellow neighbors. Please reach out to me at (617)293-2016. I look forward to your call. Stay safe and healthy!

William Billy Tauro

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