The Somerville Vaccine Fiasco, Somerville Current Elected Officials Not Doing enough

By Arthur Moore

First off I am not an expert in this and this is just personal experience from me and other people.
I am over 75 and have been notified I can get the vaccine, I went right to the site and there were no openings. My wife an essential worker has yet to secure one. Same problem, get her text and nothing available.

I have also been in contact with many seniors who have yet been able to secure the vaccine. Right now we are looking at how the state has run this and it seems to me before they got the first phase done they jumped into the second phase without enough medication. On the 11th of this month the teachers join in and there is no more medication I am told. The teachers have an advantage as they are used to computers and maybe secure what the elderly cannot. They seniors have called and were told nothing was available for them. Pretty much all the ones I am in contact with are now going to just sit back as well as myself and wait it out for a couple of months or so until we get enough medication and it becomes widely available. I am not sure how the state figured out how to run this but it is not working right and will not work right. Granted I am only over 75 but some are over 90. There are a couple that pushed for it through their kids but for the most part many have just given up until a later time. So now a large number of us are just going to sit back and wait it out at the end of the line. I do not know how others are working this out but I can say those without a computer are not able to get an appointment so easily.

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