Current Somerville Mayor and City Council Sitting on Their Hands When It Comes To Our Seniors and Veterans

By William Tauro

This past Valentine’s week in only three days my team and myself personally visited over eighteen senior homes here across the city of Somerville. During these three days we personally reached out to over 3,000 Somerville seniors and veterans distributing over 3,000 Valentine gift bags to these lovely people.

By no means am I trying to grab glory over this but, my exact point that I’m trying to make here is why can’t our mayor and city council get together, plan out and do the same thing by putting some effort into vaccinating our seniors right on site? It’s not brain surgery, it’s a shot!

If you try something, then you’ll accomplish something! If you just sit on your hands and do nothing similar to what our current Somerville mayor and the Somerville city Council are doing, you will never accomplish anything except for bleeding the taxpayers for your unearned wages. Hopefully after they read this article, these political hacks will come out of their cocoons and help our seniors and veterans and get them vaccinated!

To date there has been none or very little to none efforts given to our seniors and veterans from this current administration and city Council and that’s why I’m running for mayor of Somerville! It’s time for change! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

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