Massachusetts Restaurant Association Demands Somerville Mayor Curtatone to Reverse His Damaging Stance on Reduced Capacities in Restaurants

Posted by Candidate for Mayor William “Billy” Tauro

This is a newsletter from MRA (Massachusetts Restaurant Association) regarding our economic wreck-less decision driven mayor and our useless Somerville City Council! They are killing the economy here in Somerville and it’s time to cut them all loose! Where has our useless Somerville Chamber of Commerce been who are supposed to be looking out for our businesses instead they’re out catering to Mayor Joe’s agenda. After multiple warnings to the Chamber which have gone unanswered who I have personally warned, the Somerville Chamber of Commerce instead have sat back and failed miserably to help our Somerville businesses during the past two years.

Time to revamp and expose the Somerville Chamber of Commerce.

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A Letter From The Massachusetts Restaurant Association (MRA)

“On behalf of all restaurants in Somerville, Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Restaurant Association calls for Mayor Joe Curatone to immediately reverse his damaging stance on reduced capacities in restaurants and furthermore all businesses within the city of Sommerville, Massachusetts. Mayor Joe Curtatone’s politically motivated position continues to severely impact the great residents of Sommerville who find themselves unable to work due to his independent and overreaching restrictions.

I have spent the past several weeks visiting establishments in neighboring cities across the Bay State in which restaurateurs continue to follow the COVID-19 protocols enacted by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to safely operate. This has resulted in over 21,000 inspections with a 98.4% full compliance rating, and less than .5% contact tracing results. In addition, I have spoken to guests and employees alike who state they feel safe and comfortable and appreciate the concerted, science-based approach by the state to re-open restaurants safely for residents and put employees back to work. In stark contrast, I have ventured into Somerville restaurants and have found employees in sparsely seated dining rooms lamenting that their normal guests are venturing to surrounding cities while they lose needed income to simply survive.

One city out of 351 in the state of Massachusetts does not have access to differential data, nor does one Mayor have any more knowledge in regards to the fact based strategy for safely re-opening businesses than the Commonwealth of Massachusetts .With this said, this unfortunate distinction led by Mayor Joe Curtatone seems to be solely based on political vanity and is at the expense of the business community and its hard-working citizens. The Massachusetts Restaurant Association publicly and formally demands that Mayor Joe Curtatone immediately lifts all capacity limits on businesses in compliance with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We furthermore call upon all businesses, business associations and residents in Somerville, Massachusetts to make their voices heard on this issue before it is too late.”

Bob Luz
President and CEO of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association

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