Somerville Street Sweeping. Anyone Home?

By Arthur Moore  

Does anyone have a clue? If you call 311 they say street cleaning is in effect.

Official City of Somerville FB page says they are done with street sweeping until April first 2021 “ With the recent snowstorm, the City of Somerville has ended street sweeping for the season.” Street sweeping will resume April 1, 2021. So is this meant to give us a false sense of security so they have many cars to ticket? After all Joe gave us tickets for a no snow snow storm. So would be no surprise. I got my text for that there was street sweeping. So to this moment in time I still don’t know.  So who do we trust? Best to follow Stone Cold Steve Austin’s advice. Don’t trust anyone!

One thought on “Somerville Street Sweeping. Anyone Home?”

  1. It appears this is one of those April fool like jokes from the big joker in city hall. No ticketing. No street sweepers showed up. Drove people crazy for nothing. Can’t we elect a moyor that has some clue as to how to run the city? It get more ridiculous here every day. Enough already!

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