Letter from the Editor:Mayor Joe Forgot To Plow The Snowstorm

Hey Mayor Joe what happened did you forget to plow the storm this past week? Disgraceful! Even City Hall the day after the storm didn’t get plowed, shame on you Joe! This is not how you handle a snow emergency crisis!

 What are you going to do when it freezes tonight? It’s in the Book! #TEAMTAUROforMAYOR2021

One thought on “Letter from the Editor:Mayor Joe Forgot To Plow The Snowstorm”

  1. I am thankful that the guy upstairs helped out with the warm weather. The handicapped people can now not only park but get out once again to take care of business. People can now have company without wondering where they are going to be able to park. So things are once again good until the next snow storm. But most of all the bikers had their unused protected bike lane good for the whole time. I guess being handicapped here does not have it’s privileges.

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