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Happy Birthday to a number of Villens celebrating their birthdays this week in the Ville and in the square! Happy Birthday to Happy Birthday Killian Medeiros, Carol Benoit, Paige Liana, Joanne Iantosca, Sheila O’Keefe, Steven Culleton, Michael Spear, Brendan Fletcher, Mary O’Brien, Janet Papa, Mary Midge Donovan Kelly, Joey Fahey, John Berniche, Shawn Coffman, Donna Cicolini-Overholser, Janice Angelini Natorelli, Doreen Winters, Tammy Lyman, William LaCource, Mike Holland, Terri Martin, Carol Antonelli, Karen Rosberg Furey, Mariluce Alves Braga, Laura Russell Adams,  Chris Sciortino, Diane Nazzaro, Donna Clark, Noemia Alves-Vendetti, Kim Cotter Bocchino, Vince Beaudet, Mary E. Pother, Steve Botelho, Andrea Joy, Jessica Russell, Bobby Pasco, Catherine Therese, Christine Willard, Chrissy Willard, Christina Perrotti, Kimberly Ferreira, Marisa Penta Coughin, Peggy Piwinski, Maggie Chaves, Debbie Noe Alderman, Jim Henry, Ricky Salvia, mMaureen McKenna Keane, Mary Elizabeth, Rob Sullivan, Grace Silva Barton, Kristie Clough, Joellen Margarita, John Gogos, Karen Ricci Pelagrino, Patrick Arthur, Victor Ng, Chris Whalen, Terri Sannicandro Sullivan, Sheri Rios Graziano, Jim-Bob Farrel, Julie Gray, Tina McCarthy, Catherine Casey, Bridget Capobianco m-Rios, Happy 18th Birthday to Danny Sullivan, Happy 27th Birthday to Tori Lucreziano, Happy 19th Birthday to Rainb Savoia M, Happy 19th Birthday to Kyle Moniz and Happy Birthday to Michael, Ánthony and Benny Scarpa AKA the Scarpa Triplets, and Happy 90th Birthday to our absolute favorite Kay Post!
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