Reality Bites:Somerville’s No Show “Snow” Joe

by James Norton

A snow day to remember in the ‘Ville.

When it comes to snowstorms and how the city handles them, over the years, we have openly railed against the current mayor because his administration would treat every single snow storm as if it was “snowmageddon” – the overkill was utterly ridiculous, especially when there ended up being very little of it.

Turns out, that was smart, because when it did actually snow, the streets were plowed, salt was applied, cars were appropriately towed and parking bans came and went – the streets looked good, and nobody was stuck four days later. That wasn’t because of the mayor and his leadership prowess – that was someone else who knew what they were doing.

It’s 2020 and my, how things have changed.

Somerville, four days later, is a mess. And it only looks this good because the city had to scramble to hire outside help to get it done, after the fact. That’s the kind of mayor you have now.

The kind you can’t rely on, because he is a fraud who now, because of his own mistreatment of people, can’t rely on anyone. Why would anyone want to be loyal to him anymore? The only people who worked for this city, who actually gave a damn, are either retired, came to their senses and got a job elsewhere, are under investigation, or quite frankly, passed on to a better place. Literally.

Over the years I have joked about the “unknown” person who coined the phrase “ABC – Anyone But Curtatone” on our newspaper’s blog back in 2005. It’s 2020, and I don’t really care anymore, so I’ll admit it, that was me – and that was a long time ago…but it still holds up.

Over the years since then, I have taken some swipes at the mayor, that’s no secret, and for a number of things we don’t need to rehash here. Contrary to what you are led to believe, he isn’t the most popular mayor this city ever had, I assure you. Take it on face value, I’m not the only person who thinks it’s long overdue for him to leave, and someone better – someone who cares about this city – to take over and stop dividing people and start thinking about more than one voting demographic. Someone who won’t line his own pockets at the expense of regular everyday people. Someone who won’t be so outrageously corrupt as to have a 600 page book written about them.

There’s a reason why the city plow operators called in sick and/or didn’t show last Thursday. People are done bailing this guy out – he’s a fraud and a phony and treats people very poorly. It’s time to send him on his way in the next election. I have a feeling he won’t get the big emotional thank you and send off he always thought he deserves, or even be thought of as one of the better mayors we have had – and you know something? That’s on him, not you, not me – him.

One thought on “Reality Bites:Somerville’s No Show “Snow” Joe”

  1. I’m quite sure he will leave the city in chaos…. Much worse off than a melting snowstorm…. Mark my words

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