Charlie Horse by Author Gary Leavitt

Charlie Horse is a book with an anti-bullying theme. It’s about camaraderie, compassion, bravery and overcoming a disability. Charlie horse itself was inspired by the experiences witnessed of the author Gary Leavitt the intention of Charlie Horse was to inspire all ages, demographics, genders and nationalities.

It is intended to be a unifier and not a divider the ultimate goal is that Charlie Horse will become the most inspirational character in animation history. The book itself will eventually be available in all languages and with his sights on network television. The author Gary Leavitt wmex radio with his very talented daughter Renee. Renee is also the voice all the character Sheena the Shetland pony. Gary himself voices all the other characters within the Charlie Horse story. Additionally Renee wrote and sang the theme song to Charlie Horse which is titled friends for life. She is a graduate student at Boston University. You may remember or know Gary from his entertainment background. He is the host of the Gary Leavitt wmex radio on 1510 w m e x radio. Gary also used to play the part of Bozo the Clown for the fox affiliate and Rhode Island. Lastly he is known Fox affiliate in Rhode Island. 15 years ago Gary was nicknamed The Wizard of stars for his ability to impersonate close to 10,000 celebrity voices. Gary and his daughter Renee are hoping for the TV show to be up and running sometime in 2021.

But in the meantime you can pre-order the book by going to Charlie Horse.Org Gary is embarking upon a book and television promotional tour that will support an anti-bullying campaign. Those audiences will include but not limited to grades K through 12, colleges and universities, and concerned parents organizations.

You can reach Gary by way of email at Gary Leavitt at or by calling him at 617 947 0351

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