Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Monica BAIROS (Defacement)

On September 18th, 2020, I, Officer James Torres, was in full uniform, while assigned to marked unit East 4, during the Day shift. At approximately 1:54 PM, I as well as Officer Joseph Moreira (East 1) responded to XXX Broadway, for a report of a Check Condition, where the reporting party stated that a female by the name of Monica Bairos, said she was going to break into his apartment.

Upon arrival, an unknown female exited the residence of 261 Broadway and approached me. This female was identified as Monica Bairos. Ms. Biaros stated “oh he called you” and when I responded “who” Monica stated “XXXX” and then quickly went back inside of the residence. Ms. Bairos then exited the apartment and quickly approached me demanding that I see a video on her cell phone of “XXXX shooting up”. Ms Bairos stated that “XXXX” who lives at XXX Broadway, sells and uses illegal drugs out of that location and that she wants him to move out. I explained to Ms. Bairos that we were there because “XXXX” had called believing that she was going to break into his apartment. It should be noted that I did observe a portion of the front window to the residence of XXX Broadway to be broken and boarded up with a piece of plywood. I asked Ms. Bairos about the window and she stated that it had been broken a couple of weeks ago. Ms. Bairos continued explaining to me that her Mother owns XXX Broadway and that she did not want “XXXX” living there anymore. I further explained to Ms. Bairos that if she wanted “XXXX” to move out, her mother would have to go through an eviction process. It should be noted that during this interaction, Ms. Bairos appeared extremely hyper and agitated as if she was under the influence of a stimulant. Ms. Bairos continued to yell scream and swear, demanding that I watch a video on her cell phone of “XXXX” using drugs.

A short time later, a female by the name XXXX showed up on scene. Ms. XXXX explained to me that she is the mother of “XXXX” and that he had called her asking if she could go to his residence, because Ms. Bairos was acting “Crazy.” Ms. XXXX stayed on scene waiting for her son and was advised to call the Somerville Police if she needed any assistance. Please refer to incident #20044810.

At approximately 2:44 PM, incident # 20044820, Units were dispatched back to XXX Broadway, for a report of Monica Bairos blocking the doorway, not letting the resident inside of his apartment. Somerville Police Dispatch, updated responding units that the party in question, had just smashed the window to the resident’s first floor apartment.

Upon arrival, I observed a group of approximately 7-8 People in a verbal confrontation. Parties were separated in order to try and deescalate the situation. I first spoke to the reporting party who was identified as XXXX. Ms. XXXX had explained to me that she had been waiting outside of the residences for her son to arrive. Once he did, he attempted to make his way into his apartment, when Ms. Bairos ran over and blocked him from entering. Ms. Bairos began yelling and swearing at him uncontrollably and denying him access. This is when Ms. XXXX son walked away as Ms. Bairos’s actions were becoming increasingly irate. It was at this time that Ms. XXXX observed Ms. Bairos shatter the front window of her son’s first floor apartment. Ms. XXXX stated that she believed that Ms. Bairos had smashed the window using a candle that was taken from a memorial site, located in front of the residence. I then observed the window and saw that there was fresh damage to the already preexisting damage to the window, as well as fresh shattered glass.

I then spoke to Ms. XXXX son, who was identified as XXXX. Mr. XXX stated that when he arrived outside of his apartment, Ms. Bairos was blocking him from entering. Mr. XXXX continued by saying that at one point, prior to our arrival, he observed Ms. Bairos break the apartment window, but would not go into further detail on what had fully transpired. It should be noted that Mr. XXXX later recanted his side of what transpired to the apartment window stating that it was already broken.

I then spoke to a friend of Mr. XXXX, identified as XXXX. Mr. XXXX stated that he and Mr. XXXX had arrived on location and that when Mr. XXXX attempted to enter his apartment, Ms. Bairos would not allow him too, by blocking his way. Mr. XXXX continued by saying that Ms. Bairos was very angry and yelling at Mr. XXXX, but he was unsure of the reason. Mr. XXXX then observed Ms. Bairos further break the already broken first floor window, with what he believed to be a candle. Mr. XXXX then showed me a video that he captured of Ms. Bairos acting irate and ultimately further breaking the first floor window to Mr. XXXX apartment.

Throughout the entire incident, Ms. Bairos was observed and heard yelling/swearing and acting Irate. So much so that pedestrians were stopping to observe what the commotion was all about.

Ms. Bairos at this time who was sitting on the front stairs, was instructed to stand up and place her hands behind her back, as she was told that she was being placed under arrest, for further breaking Mr. XXXX Window. Ms. Bairos immediately responded by saying that she was not going to be placed under arrest, because she did not do anything, and that the window was already broken and it was not her. I then assisted Ms. Bairos in standing up by guiding her into a standing position, as she was not complying with my orders to stand up. Ms. Bairos was ultimately placed into handcuffs “double Locked”. Ms. Bairos then continued her disorderly behavior, and began pulling away from officers, while yelling that she didn’t do anything. Ms. Bairos then asked officers if she could sit on the front steps, while we awaited the arrival of the transport wagon, which she was allowed to do. While sitting down, Ms. Bairos requested to an unknown female on scene, that she go and grab her cell phone, inside of the apartment. Ms. Bairos then explosively stood up, and attempted to make her way past Officers, up the stairs, as if she was attempting to make her way inside of the apartment. It was at this time that the transport wagon arrived on scene. I informed Ms. Bairos that the transport wagon had arrived and she would be escorted to the wagon. Ms. Bairos again began her disorderly behavior and refused to be escorted to the transport wagon. Ms. Bairos refused to comply with me escorting her and continuously yelled at me. Officer Ashley Catatao who was on scene was able to calm Ms. Bairos down, and escort her to the transport wagon.

Ms. Bairos was transported to the Somerville Police Headquarters in unit 200, operated by Officer Daniel Dell’sola and booked in the usual manner by Lieutenant Michael Holland. Ms. Bairos will be charged with the following:


Attached is a photo of the broken window.

Respectfully submitted,
Officer James Torres
Badge #329

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