Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Timothy SUGHRUE (Disorderly, Resisting Arrest, A&B on Police Officer)

On 09/19/2020 at approximately 2330 I had just taken over car west 7 and was headed to XX Paulina Street for a report of a loud party. Upon my arrival my attention was drawn to loud music and conversation coming from the driveway to the left of XX Paulina Street.

I walked up the driveway and observed numerous people in the back yard and porch with bottles and cups all around. I walked up the back stairs and stepped into an open doorway, as I did this a woman grabbed the door handle and pulled the door into me. I continued inside and asked “where is the legal resident”. Initially i got no response so i repeated it and a blonde haired woman stated she was one of the residents. I asked her to get her identification and in an authoritative tone stated, everyone who does not live hear needs to leave. The woman asked if she could talk with me outside and I stated No, i need your I.D. card. at this point the woman who struck me with the door came in from the porch and stated “you need a warrant” and i stated i did not. I poked my head into the living room to ensure there were no more intoxicated people or someone who may need assistance. Another woman came out of a nearby room and handed me her I.D.card which I called into dispatch. While that was happening the woman who questioned me about a warrant was getting louder and angry so I requested another unit. When I turned around an intoxicated male, later identified as the defendant in this matter, stepped into my personal space and grabbed my left arm stating She is right you need a warrant so get out and pulled my arm. I pulled my arm from him and stated Do not place your hands on me. The male moved to the other side (my right side) which I thought was him being compliant and grabbed my right arm and forcibly tried to move me stating you need to get the fuck out. I grabbed his arm to place him under arrest and he pulled away shoving me. I tried to grab him and he ducked down while I was trying to place him under arrest. When he spun away i pushed him up towards the kitchen counter and my hands slid up off his shirt to his neck. I stood for several seconds and told him not to touch me. I then backed off, gave a short burst of pepper spray, grabbed his arm and he pulled away making it difficult to handcuff him. I finally got one cuff on his left arm while he was resisting and spun him to a corner of the room with his handcuffed arm to the rear. While pinned and complaining his eyes were burning i managed to finally handcuff him, noticing and abrasion on his left facial area from the corner. I escorted him out the back door noticing everyone with cell phones out more interested in a video than calming down their intoxicated friend.
When a second car arrived, West 6, I asked him to issue noise ordinance violations while I stayed with the defendant outside by the curb. From what I could see and hear people were finally being cooperative. When the mobile detention unit arrived i told them he had and abrasion and may need water at the station. The officer did a pat frisk and transported the defendant to the station where he was booked in the usual manner.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ofc Robert W Hickey

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