Somerville Shared Streets Joke is Over, Now to Ignore Them

By Aurther Moore

This city just keeps doing more and more stupid things that are senseless. They took a program like shared streets and turned it into a nightmare. So many of the streets they are designating as a shared street have no business being named one. They are running around tossing these stupid horses up everywhere.

My favorite being the end of a one way street at the end where you exit. Seriously? How dumb is that. Screwing poles in the ground with no rhyme or reason. Such a waste of taxpayers money. People are so dumbfounded as to how this city can do such a thing that does nothing. We need to be paying attention to this city and what makes it work. Granted there are places for these.

Our leaders just do not know how to find them. Once people know what they are then after that they are ignored. How much money did this city waste on silly poles when the money could have been used to repave some of the many street that need it? That would be a comfort for drivers but would benefit bikers even more having a decent road. We pay good money to live here. We would like to have a decent city. Not this piece of crap our leaders are dishing out to us. Because it is what the city powers want?

The city needs to be back in the hands of the taxpayers, not these people who just say they are working for us. When in reality they are not. So many cities across the country are finding this not only not working to the point where some cities are not even going to try them as so many cities are reversing the program.

Cities get up to $300,000 for this crap. Not because it is a good program, just because it is free money. Or so they think when in reality it is our money. We can’t be wasting money right now. The country is in deep financial trouble. For the last few years we have been taking plastic out of the cities and here we are putting plastic back in. When does this plastic go after it is wrecked after being stuck in the middle of the road for no obvious reason?

Next year is election time. We need to get people in office here that can think and do their job. We can’t be doing this to our city. Remember, this is not enforced so we can ignore this idiocy and go about our normal business.

One thought on “Somerville Shared Streets Joke is Over, Now to Ignore Them”

  1. Oh I long ago gave up paying any attention to those shared street signs – just drive on through. They’re empty. It was a cute, but ultimately dumb idea.

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