Somerville Shared Street Silly


By Arthur Moore

Here are your tax dollars at work. Shared streets on Jacques St. They first tried saw horses, Saw horses in splinters. Silly poles with signs kept disappearing. So now we install those plastic thingies. Now looking at the ones in the picture they are in front of elderly housing where on almost a daily basis we get fire engines, rescue trucks, police and ambulances. So taken into consideration that these things not only do not work on this street it has yet to be a problem. Only problem is when school is open which gets us a lot of vehicle traffic plus school buses. Speaking of school buses we have had a problem for years here with them side swiping cars. Back to traffic. We also get a lot of traffic since the Broadway bus lane as it is used for a short cut now. Putting in place these silly programs which were never going to work and waste our money is definitely a poor way to economize in these desperate times. It would be nice if we could get qualified people who could have gone over and looked and measured and figured out how dumb it was before wating our money. It does not take a genius to look at this picture and figure out it is stupid. And another at the end of my street if and when the school buses come back I doubt it will be standing after the first bus goes down my street. These are things a normal intelligent person should see. I guess I answered my own question considering what we have seen up at city hall in the last twenty years.

6 thoughts on “Somerville Shared Street Silly”

  1. This is the stupidest idea I’ve seen. You have to go around the city to get where I live and pay taxes. I’ve never seen anyone even using it. Jacques St. What’s wrong with walking on the sidewalks like we did. What are the sidewalks for then?

    1. It’s also not enforced so we just continue about our business while they put up the silly poles and then once they get knocked down and get replaced again it will just go round and round. The idea was amazingly dumb and implementing was even dumber. This would make a great lottery. There is just no logic in it.

  2. The city left a message today about the changes being implemented on our street but the posts have already been mowed down as expected. If they intend to keep replacing them it will certainly be a waste of money to the taxpayers.If school does reopen they will have to do this daily. Give somebody glasses so they can look and see clearly that this is not workable. This is not about if we approve or not, it simply will not work.

  3. Some Einstein thought lining these posts would be good on Glen Street. They stuck one post in the middle of the street at the end of someone’s driveway. On top of it, delivery trucks can’t get through and if need be, a school bus won’t be able to get down the street either to get to the East Somerville school..

  4. The poles never made it through the weekend. What a surprise. Now are we going to spend money putting new ones in at a steady rate?

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