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By Bob Katzen

Governor  Baker signed into law a bill that would allow restaurants to sell sealed containers of mixed drinks with take-out and delivery orders. A law passed in April allows restaurants and bars to sell limited quantities of beer and wine, in their original containers, with takeout and delivery orders. The order did not include mixed drinks.

The proposal requires orders for cocktails to be placed by midnight or earlier if the establishment closes before that. The measure defines mixed drinks as a drink sealed in a container holding up to 64 fluid ounces of liquor and mixer that have been combined. The Legislature attached an emergency preamble to the bill which means it will take effect immediately instead of in the usual 90 days.

“While not a silver bullet to rescue restaurants, it provides another tool in the shed for operators to try to claw their way back to sustaining and hopefully someday growing their business,” said Bob Luz, President and CEO of the Massachusetts Restaurant Association. “Restaurants have been the hardest hit industry during the pandemic, and much more assistance is needed.”

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