Somerville/Medford News Weekly Speakup Line:My Response to Somerville Ward 7 Councilor Katjana Ballantyne About Tufts and Covid


This is the most obsurd and dangerous idea yet and all about the adminstratiion and Tufts concern about the lack of revenue by students families instead of being focused on the safety of our neighborhoods. I’m shocked the residents who live in close proximity to Tufts are not pushing back. Colleges are saying they are down 50% student capacity. I doubt the population of undergraduate students at Tufts will all return. Wearing masks all day, everywhere? I would like to see that happen. Tufts is putting their students before the safety of our community and so is this city administration. I guess the bar owners in Davis Square must be worried about their lack of revenue as well. Modular homes to house covid positive students? Has anyone considered how many employees at Tufts will be exposed to covid positive students and landlords, other occupants in rentals? Is this why the city remains shutdown? Too many issues to deal with? Thats my take on this horrible idea. Tufts should stick to the plan and continue online classes as other colleges. They have already taken enough housing from our wards and city. Don’t allow them to take lives, too.

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