Carelessly Playing Favoritism In Somerville to the Highest Bidder


By William Tauro

Sure, they shuts down the little guys like local stores, shops and small contractors who are trying desperately to make ends meet to pay their employees here in Somerville, very understandable during this crisis, but they keeps his big construction jobs going, so he can make sure it’s done under him.

Kelly’s and Buddy’s Diner and most breakfast places and small shopkeepers who all suffered with all his bridge prior closures will likely close down eventually due to this speed bump as well. An employee at the site of the new Somerville High School Construction project told us that they talked with the mayor and they are both pointing fingers on whether to shut down or not, they should, but if they do on their end and don’t finish within their two year contract it will cost them $20,000 a day if it’s not finished. So it’s a shit show! In Somerville money talks and bullshit walks! There’s close to 400 guys up there on that site, possibly breeding coronavirus and bringing it home with them to share with all of us! Isn’t that just marvelous?

And don’t get me started about GLX and his Greenline Extension and his Union Square construction trophies either because his eyes are blindsided on those as well! If you have a private development, and they’re not part of it, you’re closed down automatically!

He can care less because they’ll send in someone eventually when your project goes bankrupt to scoop up your property sooner or later trust me! So let’s go bowling, oh wait didn’t they scoop that up to? It’s in the Book!

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