Somerville News Weekly Speak Up Line: Under-Qualified Omar Is Back to Take Taxpayers for a Ride Again Raking In The Doe at Your Expense


Dear BillyT and Somerville News Weekly Speak Up Line:

Just in case you and the good folks of Somerville didn’t know about a very well hidden secret brewing in Somerville, well here it is! Omar Boukili, the former ward 4 candidate who in the past has pledged to buy a home and move from Revere who never did to legally qualify to run for alderman/ Mayor Curtatone’s former Chief of Staff is getting a city job here!

I think that I’m never wrong about this stuff, but here it is my assumption on what the mayor just might try to do. The Mayor has now created a new job for his old pal Omar as the new czar in charge of the Covid19 Pandemic for Somerville. What in the world does Omar Boukili know about the Covad19 Coronavirus? He’s not a doctor, he’s just another political hack in my opinion!

So in other words is my family’s health, safety and well-being is in this hacks hands? I don’t think so!

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