The Month The World Stood Still

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By William Tauro

The month of March 2020 will go down in the history books for one that shall never be forgotten. It will be remembered for centuries to come as the month that the world stood still. It will be remembered as the month of that social distancing was created and long grocery store lines that stretched around isles and running out of simple household products like toilet paper and sanitizing products.

Even here in our own cities of Somerville and Medford, our local board of health departments announced additional orders intended to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. The following included orders regarding the personal service and retail sectors as well as interim requirements for construction. Previous orders have closed schools, limited events, closed playgrounds, suspended team sports, and closed restaurants and bars except for pickup and delivery. Some communities placing shelter in place orders were also implemented in select communities nationwide. Even all major national and worldwide sports like basketball, football, baseball, hockey and soccer just to name a few were closed down due to the Covid19 Coronavirus disease.

It will be remembered for when governmental municipalities and private businesses would close and when the president of the United States would invoke wartime regulations for manufacturing.

March 2020 will also be remembered of the time when hospital supplies such as masks, gowns, respirators and other normal everyday medical items that would become crucial in the fight against this invisible enemy and making them almost impossible to find. Yes indeed it will be a month in the history books to remember.

Last month at this time it was a different world. The economy was booming. Last month people were celebrating, people were laughing, people were dining out, people were going to the movies, sport venues and everything just changed in a blink of an eye.

March 2020 will be remembered as the month when everyone pulled together by the simplest ways of just staying home so not to further any potential spread. It will be remembered as the month when everyone pulled together to help the restaurant industry and transforming them overnight to take out restaurants to help them out and to serve the public that were in need of food to eat and maybe give them some sanity during these tough times of staying home.

March 2020 will be remembered when people made homemade hospital supplies including sanitizers, masks, gowns and other crucial medical items that became of a shortage during this crisis and donated them to local hospitals and to first responders. It will be remembered as a time when the heroes on the front line were our doctors, nurses, lab technicians, janitors as well as for our first responders, grocery and hardware store employees who worked 12-24 hour shifts just to meet it’s citizen’s demands for food and safety during this time of crisis who risked their own wellbeing to help people.

On March 23rd 2020, Governor Baker and state health officials issued a stay-at-home advisory that will stay in effect until Tuesday, April 7th.

Baker also ordered the closure of non-essential businesses, starting Tuesday.
Yes, March 2020 will be remembered as the month that the world stood still, but it will also be remembered for when we came together as a people in our communities here in the United States further making it the greatest place on earth that we call home.

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