Former Somerville Mayor Coping With The Crisis

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By Gene Brune

So all these many years I have been telling my daughters Corinne and Debbie what it is best for them. Now with the Coronavirus they have insisted that I go into quarantine. Now those who have known me also know that I am out all the time attending events, meetings , political and social activities but here I am going on my eight day in quarantine with, I am sure several more days before I am released.

So what have I been doing with all my time. Important stuff can’t stop so I been having telephone conversations with My Co-chairman Joe Favaloro pertaining to our annual Somerville High School Scholarship Foundation $10.000 Raffle. Staying in touch with Mother Maureen from the Little Sisters of the Poor, with the on going take over of the home with The Visiting Nurses Association. Having telephone conversations with other Museum Directors pertaining to our soon major fund raising drive to build an addition on to our Museum so that we can install an elevator. This will finally allow it to be handicap assessable. More telephone conversations with our Somerville Lion Club Officers canceling planned parties, meetings, etc.

Telephone conversations with members of Rotary and Kiwanis, mostly just how we’re doing. Staying in touch with family members and friends by telephone or texting. Also spending time going through my files cleaning out stuff going back to when I was Alderman, Mayor and Register Of Deeds. Looking at my file on the Chemical spill that Somerville had on April 3, 1980 made me realize that this coming April 3rd will be the 40th Anniversary of the worst Chemical spill in the history of the State.

I think I will write a story about that day for those that are relatively new in the City. They might enjoy reading how bad it was. Also to stay healthy I am riding my stationary bike 30 to 40 minutes a day and using my son-in-law Michael’s tread-mill almost every day.

My daughter Debbie insists that I wash my hands every two minutes to a point where I now also have to use hand cream. But I also know that I would be irresponsible to others and to myself if I didn’t to what I am doing so I hope that all my friends, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren and all my other family members are taking care of themselves.

I want all of us to be able to enjoy all the future tomorrows. Please stay safe.

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  1. The children become the parents. My only problem is the lectures are a bit much. Thought I was done with that after I left home to go out in the world. They are getting even with you Gene.

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