Somerville We’re In This Together


By Arthur Moore

Like many of you I know this is going to be a crazy time for us. Somehow we have to pull together and try to help each other get out of this. We are just getting started with this. I am not an expert but just like everyone else here I am going by what is fed to us.

This is going to go on for a long time. Many of us will have much to lose as a number of us live paycheck to paycheck and don’t have the backing to survive much of anything. Never mind this. I see some things happening to help but I know it’s not enough.

Some landlords are doing what they can but some don’t have the means to do that much. If anything has been done with the financial people I am not aware. But it seems like one of the biggest hits we have is interest on our mortgage, some with credit cards. I have yet to see any of these businesses step up. Maybe put our mortgage payments at the end or give some on the interest or any form of help. It’s sad the money they make off of us that they have not stepped up to do anything. Some of us will make it, many will not. I don’t know what the government will end up doing to help us. Many of us need it right now.

I am retired and most likely will get by financially but I find it frustrating not being able to do anything to help others as much as I would like. I am keeping track of the companies and people who do help and will remember them when this situation gets resolved. I will also remember those who can well afford it that do not.

Automobile companies are retooling to make the ventilators that are much needed. Distilleries are working to make hand sanitizer. And probably many more that I am not aware of. At this moment my wife and myself are still able to work with the seniors we help take care of. As we are Somerville Pride we should work on posting ideas that work to help and also thank those who are helping. Sometimes it may be we just need an idea of how to help. Plus help us take our minds off our own problems. Also help each other from going insane.

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