Somerville Dog Locked In Vehicle, Windows Closed, High Inside Temps, Owner Shopping Drinking Lattes

By William Tauro

This car was noticed parked in the electric vehicle charging station in front of the CVS in Magoun Square in Somerville with a heat-exhausted dog locked inside this past Thursday for close to 45 minutes.

All the windows in the vehicle were rolled up for almost an hour while the driver was out shopping and having a latte leaving the dog in the 90 degree temperature.

Somerville Animal Control and Somerville Police officers responded to the call and jumped right into action doing an outstanding job especially when the owner of the car/dogs owner tried to play victim with the police trying to turn the tables around.

The Somerville Animal Control‘s meter estimated inside temperature of the car to be between 88 to 95°.

The dogs owner was warned and released.

Check out the video in its entirety and listen to what this driver has to say. They put her right in her place!

21 thoughts on “Somerville Dog Locked In Vehicle, Windows Closed, High Inside Temps, Owner Shopping Drinking Lattes”

  1. Sweet Jesus that man is a complete idiot, as is anyone who thinks she did anything wrong. Do we really employ people that dumb? Where to start? Weather Thursday was high 65 degrees and cloudy. Blathering Officer Handy is using an IR thermometer, which any moron knows only reads surface temperatures, not air temperatures. So he’s pointing it at a black surface immediately beneath the rear window and declaring the car is 93 degrees. The air temp was likely 75 degrees in that car, max. And even if it had been 93 degrees in the car, this would be the first I’ve heard that dogs perish when subjected to 93 degree temps. I look forward to the first day of 90+ degree weather permanently silencing our dog parks and back yards.

    Lady, if you’re out there reading this, please take comfort in knowing you did nothing wrong. Pay no attention to this gaggle of boneheads just frothing at the mouth to go after you because you’re driving an electric car, and by golly, you must be a liberal….and…so there!!

    People, calm the fuck down. Think before you act.

    Side note: it’s nice the guy is so concerned about the welfare of someone’s dog. Wonder what kind of life the huge number of cows he’s (apparently) eaten lead. How about a big dollop of hypocrite sauce on his next order of pork ribs?

  2. Go get em Mikey L. She was playing the victim!!! The dog is the victim and you did your job to make her think the next time she leaves the poor innocent creature in a oven for a freakin latte!!!

    1. Give me a break, if you did not notice, everyone except “Mikey” is wearing a winter coat. It was far from 90% outside, if anything, the dog was probably cold! Pendulum is swing too far. A dog locked in a hot car in the summer is one thing, but this guy is just a little too zealous, trying to the play the hero!

        1. Right, but that wasn’t the case here. The car’s interior had definitely not reached a high temperature as evidenced by the dog showing no signs of overheating. Heck, the article includes a picture of the dog looking downright comfortable.

  3. The dbags that lock animals in cars deserve smashed windows and fines, at least.
    But this incident appears to be over-sensationalized and not really count as news. Why do I say that?
    – Today’s high was 67 and overcast (yes, the car was warmer).
    – Three people in the video are wearing long sleeve coats.
    – Thankfully, the dog wasn’t panting when he got out.
    – The electric vehicle spot was called out as if the parking was illegal, but the car was plugged in. Why mention it at all?

    1. Right! It’s so hot out but everybody’s wearing jackets! Leaving your dog in the car while you run into Dunkins is nothing to be shamed for.
      Is that the Animal Control officer (who was hired with zero qualifications) who has the multiple complaints against him?

  4. What a fucking retard.. she wants to be good to the environment with her electric car but leaves her dog in the car with the windows tied up.. I wish someone would have smashed her window in, better yet smashed her in the head to knock some sense into her.. get the fuck outta Somerville and go back to where you came from.. this city already has enough idiots in it..

    1. Acts of violence is a great answer! *sarcasm*

      There is always some holier than thou person who comments on these posts like their shit don’t stink. She should of gotten a citation, but being smashed in the head as a result is SICK and WEIRD

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