Is This an Environmental Disaster Waiting to Happen Exception to the Fact For the Privileged in Somerville?

By William Tauro

This property located at 171 Cedar Street in Somerville, at the corner of Warwick Street is under serious scrutiny by neighbors who are accusing the developer of storing contaminated hazardous materials on their property.

The property is owned by Developer Olga Bassa who is being represented by her attorney Sean O’Donovan and architect Peter Quinn with hopes of building a five unit residential building at that location.

Neighbors abutting the property who asked not to be identified told us that “They want answers why is this developer being allowed to put our health at risk an in danger with all this contaminated soil being stored on their property?” The neighbors also speculated to us that they “Have suspicions that Attorney O’donovan maybe one of the principal owners of the property as well and are accusing that the administration is helping him get away with all of this.”

We visited the site early Thursday morning as an envirolmentle analyst expert, who was contacted by the neighbors to send out and test the soil on the property as well as all the visible overwhelming track-marks leading out of the property in all directions onto the city streets.

Neighbors told us that “As you can clearly see all this contaminated material is splattered all across the street with track-marks on the street. Neighbors also told us “That

if it was anybody else other than the Former Somerville Alderman Sean O’Donovan that the Somerville DPW commissioner Stan Koty would be all over this and would have crews there cleaning it and closing it off with Clean Harbors on speed dial, But since it’s his pal the former Alderman no one is doing anything about it.”

Ward 5 Somerville City Councilor Mark Niedergang sponsored a neighborhood meeting this past Wednesday evening at the Visiting Nurses Association located at 259 Lowell Street for a question and answers session with concerns, but clearly some neighbors weren’t satisfied and took matters into their own hands.

This story is still developing…

7 thoughts on “Is This an Environmental Disaster Waiting to Happen Exception to the Fact For the Privileged in Somerville?”

  1. Are there any updates for the Warwick Street residents on this property? It still looks like an abandoned construction zone with dangling wires and an AC roof looking like it is going to fall thru the roof.

  2. I’m not a genius the tire tracks come from the laundry property. This article does not make much sense?

    1. This article makes plenty of sense…they should be cleaning up after themselves! Her other project at 35 Dane Street has been kept in the same manner for over a year now with it still being under construction so yes, this is a valid article and the neighbors deserve to be heard.

    2. I live right there. It’s definitely coming from that property. It’s also the only property with a dirt yard. The laundry business is closed and the building has been empty for years.

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