Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Thomas ALONARDO JR (PWID A)

The following is a brief summary to incident #19015695.

On 03/21/2019, I was working in plain clothes, operating an unmarked Police vehicle, assigned to the Somerville Police Drug Control Unit. At 4:10 PM observations were made by me of a white male in the parking lot of CVS (532 Medford Street) on the phone pacing back and forth. This white male was subject of past narcotic related surveillance. During past narcotic related surveillance the Narcotic and Gang unit were unable to identify this male. At 4:17 PM observations were made by me of the unknown male entering the drivers door of a gray Cadillac CTS (Ma Reg xxxxx) that was parked in the parking lot of CVS.

I then queried the Cadillac CTS (Ma Reg xxxxx). The results of my query informed me that the vehicle was registered to a XXXX (DOB xxxx) from xxxxxxxx from Medford Ma. I then queried xxxxxx, via the CJIS web application to check RMV records of the residents that reside at that location, to see if I could identify the white male. After checking all the males with a RMV record from xxxxxxx. I believed the male to be Thomas Alonardo (DOB xxxx). Results also informed me that his Ma Drivers License was currently suspended.

At this point I notified the Narcotic and Gang Unit of my observations, and shortly after Detectives responded to the area of the CVS parking lot. At 4:30 PM, the white male exited the vehicle and began to walk to the front door area of CVS. The white male then began to look all around as if he was looking for someone. Shortly after the white male entered the vehicle. At 5:01 PM, the vehicle then began to head to the exit of the parking lot towards Broadway. The vehicle then headed onto Medford Street, which is a public way in the city of Somerville, heading into Medford.

At this Point Sgt Capasso activated his emergency lights and sirens and conducted a motor vehicle stop of that vehicle. Sgt Capasso then approached the operator of the vehicle and explained the reason for the stop. The operator was identified as XXXX (DOB xxxx). I would note that XXXX is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. A query was done to check for his license status and a check was also done of his criminal record. The results informed me that his license status was active and his criminal record showed numerous narcotic offenses. Sgt Capasso also asked XXXX why he was hanging around in the parking lot of CVS all this time. XXXX Advised Sgt. Capasso that he had a fight with his mother so he came to the parking lot to cool off. XXXX then advised Sgt. Capasso that he was now on his way home.

In the back seat of the vehicle was a XXXX (DOB xxxx), who also has a criminal record with numerous narcotic offenses. While Sgt. Capasso was speaking to both XXXX and XXXX they appeared to be nervous. Sgt Capasso also observed a orange pill bottle with some Suboxone strips in plain view in a purse that was on the front passenger seat. Sgt. Capasso then asked XXXX if the Suboxone was hers. XXXX then advised Sgt Capasso that the Suboxone was hers and she had a script for them and that her and XXXX don’t do drugs. Sgt Capasso then asked XXXX why she was in the back seat, XXXX then advised Sgt Capasso that she was tired and that was the reason why she was sitting in the back seat relaxing. Both parties were then advised and sent on their way and Detectives left that area.

As I was leaving the area of Broadway and Medford Street, I observed the same vehicle now at the intersection of Main Street and Broadway in Somerville. At this point I observed that XXXX now had a male passenger and the same female was in the back seat. The vehicle then began to heading east bound on Broadway. I then notified Detectives in the area of my observations and we began to conduct surveillance of the vehicle again. The vehicle then went down Broadway where it parked in the corner of Broadway and Mt Vernon, with its hazard lights on. Once the vehicle parked, a white male exited the vehicle and quickly began to walk down Broadway towards Sullivan Station.

Detective Cicerone then followed that male. That male then entered Sullivan Station by accessing the door on the top level. About five minutes later that same white male exited Sullivan Station by using the lower level exit and began to head to the exit of the parking lot towards the area of Somerville. At this point, based on our training and experience we believed that a drug transaction may have just occurred inside Sullivan Station. Detective Cicerone then advised us that the white male was now quickly walking back towards Broadway. At this point Sgt. Capasso along with Detective’s Legros and McNally maintained surveillance of the vehicle as it was still parked on the corner of Broadway and MT Vernon as Detective Goncalves and I walked up to the male to have a conversation with him in the area of 1x Broadway. At this point, I along with Detective Goncalves identified ourselves as Somerville Police and I asked the male, later identified as Thomas Alonardo if I could speak with him, Thomas stated “yes whats up man”. At this point I noticed that Thomas had both hands closed to fists. I also noticed a plastic baggie with a off white powdery substance, which in my training and experience believed to be either Heroin or Fentanyl, in the area of the Thomas’s thumb and index finger, in his right clenched fist. Sgt. Gobiel along with East 1 (Ofc Torres) also arrived on scene to assist with Thomas Alonardo.

At this point, I had the male open up his hands, where I then found 8 baggies of a off white powdery substance (preliminary weight 8.4 grams) believed to be Heroin or Fentanyl in Thomas’s hands. I would note that the large amount of Heroin/Fentanyl found on Thomas is consistent with someone who will possess with the intent to distribute them. One hundred dollars was also found and seized from Thomas’s right front pant pocket, will it will be subject for forfeiture. At this point via our 2 way radios, I notified Detectives of the evidence found. Please See Detective McNally Supplement Report regarding all evidence seized. At this point Thomas was placed under arrest. Once Thomas was placed under arrest the vehicle that was stopped at Broadway and Mt Vernon left the area.

Sgt Capasso then stopped that vehicle a short distance away on Broadway. Once the Vehicle was stopped, Detective McNally read both XXXX and XXXX their Miranda warnings form a card he keeps on his person. Sgt Capasso then asked XXXX who the white male was and what did he go do at Sullivan Station. XXXX stated that the white male was xxxxxxxxxx and that xxxxxxxxx went to Sullivan Station to meet someone he thinks to pick something up.

Thomas Alonardo was shortly after transported to Somerville Police Station via Marked Detention Unit #200 by Ofc D. Lambert, where he was then booked by Sgt. Isadoro.

Respectfully Submitted,

Detective Jason Costa #301

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