Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Natashia FAIRWEATHER Shoplifting Target Store

On Thursday, March 21, 2019, I, Officer Paul Beckford, was on duty for the Somerville Police (East 2). At approximately 11:26 PM, Officer Douglas Brioso (East 3), and I, were dispatched to 180 Somerville Ave. Target for a shoplifter.

Upon arrival, Officer, met with Target’s loss prevention manager, XXXX. He stated that he had a female shoplifter in his office that concealed items in her bags. The shoplifter was later identified as Ms. Natashia Fairweather. Ms. Fairweather concealed $143.05 worth of items from the store. I queried Ms. Fairweather’s information that she provided over the radio to Somerville dispatch. Dispatch was unable to locate any record matching the name that she provided. I asked Ms. Fairweather if she had any photo identification on her person, so that Officers could properly identify her. Ms. Fairweather had several bags. She stated that she had a New Hampshire ID in one of her bags.

Officer Brioso opened Ms. Fairweather’s hand bag to locate a photo identification card. In plain view, Officer Brioso saw a small clear plastic bag with a white powdery substance. Based on my training and experience I believe that the substance was crystal meth. Upon showing Ms. Fairweather, she confirmed that the substance was crystal meth. Officer Brioso also found a large amount of cash in her hand bag. When questioned about the cash, she stated “It’s was a gift from my boyfriend.” She had a various amount of big and small bills scattered throughout the bag. I asked, Ms. Fairweather how much money she had. She stated “I think it’s 6 or 7 thousand dollars.” In the same hand bag, Officer Brioso discovered a large clear vile containing a white powdery substance. Based on my training and experience I believed the substance was cocaine. Upon showing Ms. Fairweather, she confirmed that the substance was cocaine.

Ms. Fairweather stated that her photo identification card was possibly in another bag. While searching for Ms. Fairweather’s photo identification card, Officers found a large amount of green circular pills located in a small clear zip lock bag. When questioned, Ms. Fairweather stated “I have a prescription for those.” She was unable to provide any proof that the pills were prescribed to her. The pills were later identified as Diazepam. Officer Brioso noticed that Ms. Fairweather was trying to conceal something in her shirt. Officer Brioso stated “What’s that?” “Hand it over!” Ms. Fairweather slowly handed over a small plastic vile. Inside the vile it had an unidentifiable clear liquid. Ms. Fairweather was uncooperative and did not wish to tell Officers what the vile contained. The clear liquid inside the plastic vile was later identified as ketamine. I asked, Mr. Fairweather if she had anymore drugs in her possession. She stated “I don’t know.”

During the search, Officers found two sealed clear plastic containers that contained a white powdery substance. The substance was similar in shape and size with the cocaine Officer discovered earlier. Ms Fairweather confirmed that the two white powdery substances in the clear plastic containers are cocaine. Inside one of Ms. Fairweather’s hand bags Officers located a pink and green plastic container in the shape of a pill. Ms. Fairweather screams “Don’t open it, don’t open it!” I asked, Ms. Fairweather why cant we open it and what’s inside it? Is it more drugs? She stated “Yes.” If you open it we will all get sick.” The drug inside the pink and green plastic container in the shape of a pill contained crystal meth. Based on the fact the drug were in numerous containers and various bags. The quantities of drugs and the way she stored her money scattered throughout her bags indicated to me that Ms. Fairweather was involved in the distribution of narcotics.

Ms. Fairweather was transported to the Somerville Police Station by Officer Nicholas Moreira (200). At the station she was booked in the usual manner by Lt. Diogo DeOliveira. Ms. Fairweather was charged with Larceny Under $1200, Drug Possession with the Intent to Distribute Class A, Drug Possession with the Intent to Distribute Class C, and two counts of Drug Possession with the Intent to Distribute Class B. Ms. Fairweather had $12,000 in cash that was confiscated.

Respectfully submitted

Officer: Paul Beckford
Badge: 319

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