Somerville’s Own Helen Trio Shoots Latest Video at Davis Squares Historic Sligo Pub

The three brothers, Joe, Liam and Lucas McCain, grew up on Ossipee Road in West Somerville. Rehearsing in the basement of their grandmother Helen’s home after school everyday was a staple of their existence. The name of their band expresses the gratitude they have for her and her tolerance for loud Rock N’ Roll music. No longer living in Somerville, the brothers filmed the video as a nod to their roots, their friends and the lasting memories of the city they still call Home. With cameo appearances by Mike Powers, of Alibrandi’s baseball fame, Brick Jungle Legends Jack Kehoe and Brian “Moose” Analetto, Joe Devine, Somerville’s greatest bartender, guitar phenom Doug Sherman of Superhoney and Gozu, and other recognizable guests, is sure to make this video a Somerville classic.

Click on the link below to check it out. Enjoy!

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