Somerville Speakup Line:Somerville Roads Getting More Dangerous to Drive On

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

I was alarmed to see this crater in the road yesterday and concerned that if anyone, especially an elder or young mother crossing this crosswalk with a baby carriage doesn’t notice, it could result in injury.

The location is in front of Middlesex Bank branch, corner of Weston Ave., Teele Square, Broadway. It’s next to the crosswalk about 3 feet in diameter and is a sewer manhole cover sinkhole type of large crumbling pothole. There are others like it throughout the city, so beware.

It should at the very least be taped off so pedestrians and motorists will be aware so no one gets hurt.

I had business at the bank yesterday and nearly drove my car into this ditch. I’m sure other motorists will be dealing with the same scary encounter. There’s many more large, deep potholes in the city that are not being taken care of and we wonder where all our billions in tax revenue are going throughout the past 17 years.

I’ve had 6 tire patches due to scattered nails left on the roads by careless contractors. My own mechanic attests to this fact as he sees it everyday when other customers complain. I paid $800 for new tires three years ago and they are now damaged. Will the city reimburse me? Last year, my car was splashed by cement trucks in the city without even knowing where it resulted from because it was also raining. I found out two weeks later after using a local car wash. I was forced to pay $140 to remove the dried on cement that could not be removed without using a specific solution. It was worked on for over two hours. Has anyone ever considered the personal cost to motorists when their vehicles are damaged through construction around our city and daily congestion by heavy trucks pounding our roads and neighborhoods?

Please expose the negligence by the city administration since this could result in lawsuits we pay through our taxes, worse this could result in permanent injury and damage to vehicles our insurance pays and we pay. They should make it a priority to fix the potholes and tape off dangerous intersections before complaints arise.

Preventative maintenance is more important and less costly. Not only does it save unnecessary cost and hardship to those directly effected who use our streets, it also ensures our vehicles will remain free of costly damages resulting in insurance claims which effect our premiums.”

Top photo:Broadway Weston Ave intersection manhole sinking into the pavement !!!

3 thoughts on “Somerville Speakup Line:Somerville Roads Getting More Dangerous to Drive On”

  1. Back in the day you would call your alderman and with-in a couple days it was fixed. Now thE COUNCILORS only care about being green, illegal aliens, impeaching Donald Trump, anything but fixing the city. One of those buffoons even went to an alderman meeting with a Tomahawk haircut dyed some buffoonish color. Their a collection of village idiots. And as the saying goes whatever Joe wants Joe gets. So unless you have a pipeline to the Mayors office all of you pothole, tree root, broken sidewalk, rat infested, dirty street, traffic congestion, or E all of the above, people it won’t be fixed if ever for a while or sometimes never. As Tip O’Neall once said all politics are local, these morons can’t figure it out.

  2. not only streets that are in bad shape how about the uneven sidewalks because of the trees the roots are raising the side walks almost impossible for a handicap person to walk on sidewalk with a walker or wheel chair, ( corner of 29 gibbens street and benton road.)

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