Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Anthony ZAMMUTO III (A&B DW, Leave Scene of Personal Injury)

The following is a summary of the facts

On Wednesday, January 16, 2018, I, Officer Dylan Lambert was working my assigned 12 AM-8 AMshift in Ward 2. At approximately 12:33 AM I was dispatched to X Carlton Street regarding an injured person struck by a motor vehicle. Officer Sousa (East 3) was dispatched as well to assist. Officer Sousa and I arrived on scene approximately three minutes later.

As I pulled up to the location I noticed a man down, on his side, on the ground. The man, later identified as XXXX, was clenching his head in agony, and stated that he had been struck by a vehicle. XXXX said that he was in pain and that his legs felt numb. Cataldo Ambulance and firefighters arrived shortly after to examine XXXX.

XXXX screamed in pain when Cataldo EMTs and firefighters placed a neck support and transported him to the ambulance. Officer Sousa and I were approached by XXXX and XXXX, who stated that they were on Carlton Street when they heard a loud smash, a dark colored truck drive away, and found XXXX on the ground. 

I then interviewed XXXX, who said that his employer, later identified as Mr. Anthony Zammuto, had struck him with his truck while he was walking down the street. Another witness, XXXX, exited his house and ushered me to come over to speak with him. XXXX said that he knew XXXX and that XXXX had been allowed to stay at the garage in front of X Carlton Street by the renter of the garage, Mr. Zammuto. The garage was open, well-lit, and littered with empty 12 oz Budweiser cans. There was a vehicle that appeared to have been worked on that had the hood up and a light fixture on inside. XXXX also said that he heard a loud smash and someone yelling prior to the incident, but did not see anything.

XXXX was transported to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston to receive treatment for his injuries. I went to MGH to follow up with XXXX. XXXX said that his employer, who he stated was Mr. Zammuto, had been drinking and working on a car in the garage located near X Carlton Street. XXXX said that he told Mr. Zammuto that they needed to start getting the trucks ready for plowing or else they would be screwed.

XXXX said that Mr. Zammuto became infuriated and aggressive toward him, yelling something to the effect of “I know, fuck you!” XXXX told me that he expressed to Mr. Zammuto that he did not like being talked to like that and walked off, Mr. Zammuto following suit. Both parties continued their verbal argument, XXXX continuing down Carlton Street in the road toward Lake Street. Mr. Zammuto drove up next to XXXX in his truck, struck him on the driver side, and sped off. XXXX said that Mr. Zammuto lived off of Laurel Street in Somerville at Park Place, has multiple cars, but the vehicle that he was struck with was a green Chevy pick-up truck. I asked XXXX if he or Mr. Zammuto had been drinking tonight, to which XXXX said that he does not drink, but that Mr. Zammuto had been.  

At approximately 3 AM, Officer Sousa, and myself arrived at 6 Park Place in Somerville to speak with Mr. Zammuto. Outside of the residence we located a vehicle (MA Reg. xxxx) matching the description given by XXXX, which was owned by Mr. Zammuto. Mr. Zammuto answered the door when we announced ourselves and told us to come in. We asked Mr. Zammuto if he knew XXXX and if they had argued earlier that night. Mr. Zammuto said that they were both at his garage, which he repeatedly stated that he lets XXXX reside at, and that they both got into a verbal argument. When confronted with XXXX’s statement about Mr. Zammuto striking him with his vehicle, Mr. Zammuto denied having done so.

Based on the following, Mr. Zammuto was placed under arrest and charged with the following:

265/15A Assault and Battery With a Dangerous Weapon (MV)

90/24 Leaving the Scene of An Accident (Personal Injury)

I searched Mr. Zammuto and waited for the Prisoner Transport to arrive. I ensured the handcuffs were double locked fit to Mr. Zammuto’s comfort. Officer Thomas Lambert (Unit 200) transported Mr. Zammuto to the station, where he was booked by Officer Thomas Lambert, and Lt. Lavey.    

 Respectfully submitted,

Officer Dylan Lambert #351

Somerville Police Department


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