Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Anthony ORLANDO (Shoplifting, Resisting, VCO Poss DW) Assembly Square

On Tuesday, January 15, 2019 while on full uniform patrol in marked unit 781, I (Officer Patrick Canty) was on routine patrol in Assembly Row, when I was contacted by XXXX, Loss Prevention Manager at Burlington Coat Factory. XXXX stated he had three parties in the store removing theft detection devices, and concealing women’s coats. XXXX stated the parties were under surveillance by LP Associate, XXXX. Marked unit Sector East(Officer Van Nostrand) arrived as back up. Upon entering the store, I saw the defendant, Anthony Orlando and a suspect, XXXX, in the men’s coat section of the store.

Upon seeing us, both parties walked in separate directions. XXXX pointed at XXXX and stated she is one of them, and the male is in the red. At that time, Mr. Anthony Orlando, wearing a red shirt, approached us and stated “Whats Going On? I didn’t Do anything?” I explained to both parties, the store has them on camera removing theft detection devices and concealing merchandise. I explained we need to proceed to the office to gather their information. XXXX pointed out the third female suspect, XXXX. Both suspects started walking toward the office with LP staff, however Mr. Orlando immediately acting erratic. He stated he would go, but we couldn’t prove he had done anything. Orlando stated he did not know XXXX. While walking to the office, Orlando pointed at a jacket in a shopping cart and stated that is my personal jacket, can I get it? I went to get the jacket and when I picked it up, the jacket had a blue tooth speaker concealed in it. The packaging for the speaker was ripped off and underneath the jacket. Mr. Orlando immediately stated “that’s not mine, someone put that there.”

While walking to the Office, Mr. Orlando became more animated. He tried to change directions and stop walking a few times. At one point he stated “you know what just arrest me.” Mr. Orlando turned and placed his hand behind his back. I explained to Mr. Orlando we needed to finish our investigation and just to go to the office. Mr Orlando continued to argue his case with us, and again asked me to place him in cuffs. Based on his behavior, I stated I would place him in handcuffs. Mr. Orlando turned around and placed his hands behind him. As I attempted to place the handcuffs on, Mr. Orlando pulled away aggressively, then turned to face me and pulled his hands out of reach, I again attempted to gain control of his hand but he resisted my attempts, Officer Van Nostrand steps in and I was able to put Mr. Orlando in an arm bar and gain control of his left arm. Mr. Orlando however kept his right arm tucked into his chest and refused to let it out. Officer Van Nostrand verbally told Orlando numerous times to stop resisting. After a few attempts, we were able to pull his right arm from his body and get the hand cuffs on. Officer Van Nostrand double locked the cuffs.

Once inside the office, We were able to identify all three parties. XXXX stated she was XXXX’s Mother. Both suspects stated they were sorry and gave back the concealed merchandise. XXXX also had a pair of pruning shears that she stated they were taking the theft protection devices with.

I asked Mr. Orlando if he had anything on him that would poke or stab me, He stated “no.” As I patted his pocket I found a Butterfly knife, to which he replied I got my Knife. I stated you know these are illegal right, he said “Ya I know, sorry.” Mr. Orlando was adamant that he did not know the female parties involved. Both females stated they did not know him.

I was able to review footage, and all three parties are seen communicating. The male is selecting merchandise pre staging it, and the females take the merchandise and cut the censors off, then conceal in their reusable bags. The male walks away from the females on several occasions. XXXX stated he observed Mr. Orlando and XXXX talking on the phone. I then was able to observe on the camera, Mr. Orlando appears to remove the electronic from its packaging and place the item in his coat. I went back to the room and advised Mr. Orlando he was under arrest for the charges of Shoplifting by Concealment, Resisting Arrest, Tampering With a Theft Detection Devise, and VCO Possession of a Dangerous Weapon.

Mr. Orlando was transported to the Somerville Police Station by Marked Transport Wagon 200 (Officer Alex Lorenti) and booked in the usual manner by the Commander Lt. Mike Kennelly.

After Mr. Orlando left the room, I asked XXXX how she knew Mr. Orlando, she stated she knew him from around. I asked her if she was with him, she did not respond. I asked XXXX if I could look at her phone and see if they were communicating and she stated yes. Her last three calls were to “Anthony”. I Advised XXXX and XXXX I would be summoning them to court for the Shoplifting by concealment and Removal of a Theft Detection Devise.

XXXX will have the video and an itemized list of products stolen, available tomorrow.

Respectfully Submitted,

Officer Patrick Canty 306

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