Who Murdered Charline Rosemond, 2009 Somerville Cold Case Getting Colder

By William Tauro

On Monday April 13th, 2009 at approximately 6:30 PM Somerville Police discovered the body of 23 year old Charline Rosemond was found lifeless slumped over her steering wheel of her family’s gray Honda Civic parked behind 10 Webster Avenue in Somerville with a bullet wound to the back of her head. The Somerville Police found Rosemond inside dead, according to the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office.

According to Somerville Police and the Middlesex District Attorney’s office, Rosemond had been there a couple days before her body was discovered in the alley behind the Union Square Midnight Variety Store.

Rosemond who at the time resided in Everett had been missing close to one week before her body was discovered.

Charline’s sister Rosalie Rosemond told us in a recent interview that her sister “Failed to return home from work that week of April 7 at about 7 a.m.”

Rosalie told us that “The Everett police Department had issued a missing person alert that informed the public that Rosemond was last seen on that prior Tuesday at about 5 p.m. as she was leaving the Herb Chambers dealership where her sister worked located in Brighton.”

Rosalie stated that “Her sister had intended to buy a car that following Wednesday but never returned home or reported back to her work and that her debit card was used twice the day of her disappearance.”

Rosalie also started she “Needs closure for the family and her sister’s case solved.”

So the question here is we are now in 2019, ten years after this girl’s murder and yet this cold case has not been solved. It’s become another cold case in Somerville that apparently has just been sitting on the shelves with now and many unanswered questions on why haven’t the Somerville Police done more to publicize this case and what are the department’s plans if any of reopening it.

Ten years is an awful long time to leave a void with many unanswered questions.

Any new information regarding tips on this case please contact the Somerville Police Department or Billy Tauro here at the Somerville News Weekly at:(617)293-2016

This story is still developing…

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