QUOTABLE QUOTES – Unity Edition – Remarks From Speeches As the 2019-2020 Legislature Begins

By Bob Katzen

“This state is bursting with talent, humor and decency. Boldness and common sense. Our abiding sense of patriotism, belonging and community has made us strong and has carried us forward for almost 400 years. Let others engage in cheap shots and low blows. Let’s make our brand of politics positive and optimistic, instead of cruel and dark. And instead of the bickering and name calling that dominates much of today’s public debate, let’s build on the work of those who came before us.”

Republican Gov. Baker

“We’ve chosen partnership over partisanship and worked to find common ground … We’ve focused on doing the work we were elected to do rather than getting bogged down in political gamesmanship … We will resist the temptations to react to the headlines coming from Washington D.C. and won’t regress to partisan bickering.”

Republican Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito

“Amid the clamor and discontent of our national discourse, we have a lot to be grateful for in Massachusetts. Still, we have many challenges facing us. And the needs of our commonwealth are varied and complex. So now it’s now time to get to work.”

Democrat House Speaker Bob DeLeo

“As I contemplate how the Massachusetts State Senate will address the complex challenges before us, I am reminded of another Frederick Douglass quote: ‘I would unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.’ As your Senate president, I am committed to making sure we invite all voices to the table, and if we find that the table just isn’t big enough, we will build a bigger table.”

Democrat Senate President Karen Spilka

“Our democracy is confrontational by design and it is all but certain that when considering legislation and crafting laws, diverse, strong-willed people of talent, experience and divergent beliefs will have differences, some of which are irreconcilable. We should always work towards achieving common ground even when that effort takes valuable time.”

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