Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier’s Story, The Truth Finally Coming Out On How and Why It Happened With Stomach Turning Details in Somerville!

By William Tauro

These young police and fire candidates that were illegally bumped off the Somerville Municipal Civil Service Hiring List with intentional politically motivated tampering not only changed their destinies in their lives, in two cases resulted in death with one of them being Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier.

Tampering with a civil service hiring list is a federal offense so understand that and tell your stories if you are a victim or witness.

This story has captured the attention of many local and national media outlets as well as the interest of the Federal Government who are now all Individually interviewing witnesses and victims and urging more people to come forward with more information.

We don’t want to turn this into a circus or witch-hunt, but the overwhelming response of people coming forward with names, dates and situations is overwhelmingly welcomed and appreciated.

If you know something, please contact me and say something all calls will be strictly confidential!

I made a promise to Sean’s dad that nothing would ever be watered-down once the truth comes out, so please understand if you are involved then you are involved!

Please inbox me or text me (617)-293-2016

Best regards,
Billy T

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7 thoughts on “Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier’s Story, The Truth Finally Coming Out On How and Why It Happened With Stomach Turning Details in Somerville!”

  1. Cant wait for your President to fulfill his promise of changing the Libel and Slander Laws for the News Media. You will be out of business because you’ll have to stop writing hateful made up stories! How does it go? Fake News is the enemy of the people and that includes the innocent people that you lie about. Why do you only go after public officials? Because they are exempt from privacy and anyone can slander them with impunity. Try making up shit about a regular ordinary citizen and see what happens. I dare you!

  2. The assertion that “the process” caused Collier’s death by making him work for MIT instead of Somerville is absurd, of course. You could just as easily credit “the process” with saving the life of whoever Tsarnaev would have killed had Collier not been there.

    1. We can see that you’re definitely missing the point, that if the right thing was done for the kid at that time of deception maybe he would still be alive today just saying

      1. This has to be the most disgusting piece of journalism I’ve ever read.. where is your integrity? How can you use an extreme hypothetical situation to blame Sean Colliers death on the Mayor?? It’s pure stupidity and irresponsible to make those sort of implications ..

        1. Sounds like you’re a bit nervous because the truth finally comes out? Just watchwatch what comes up next!

        2. Mike aka Anonymous poster, you also show how inept you really are that you don’t even know that tampering with a list is a federal crime. If Curtatone and his cohorts didn’t mess/tamper with the list for personal reasons in the first place, fifty kids destinies would not have been changed and Sean may have still been alive today.

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