Was Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier A Victim of Somerville Manipulated Politics? The True Story

By William Tauro

After you read this story scroll below to the link to hear the hearing against Mayor Joseph Curtatone and the city of Somerville and hear Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier in his own voice at the hearing. Both Mayor Curtatone and representatives for the city of Somerville intentionally did not appear in court.

Did a conspiracy of combined political retaliation tactics exist in Somerville including abuse of powers and Somerville politics getting in the way of dozens of hard working and innocent police candidate’s dreams who were on the list of becoming a Somerville Police officer?

Was there tampering of the civil service police list involved then politically eliminating/bumping and here even resulting in a murdered MIT Police officer?

Hear it in Sean Collier’s own words as well as in his own voice at a civil service hearing requested by Sean Collier himself as he took the City of Somerville and the Human Resource Department to a court hearing before the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Civil Service Division.

Sean Collier was allegedly outraged with the assumption that Mayor Joseph Curtatone and the city was intentionally interfering with the police hiring of the 26-year-old who had been striving to become a police officer in the city of Somerville.

While on the waiting list Collier accuses the Curtatone administration of preventing him to become a Somerville Police officer over alleged retaliation by Mayor Joseph Curtatone towards another candidate’s mother who Curtatone allegedly had animosity towards.

Sean Collier reserved alleged accusations accusing Somerville Mayor Curtatone of retaliation tactics against Somerville Department of Public Works employee Threasa Hussey who’s daughter, a military combat veteran Virginia Hussey who was number one on the waiting list.

Sean was alleging that Curtatone bumped the list to get rid of Hussey in doing so he Curtatone bumped other police candidates who were waiting on the same two lists which ultimately cost him to be bumped off that particular list as well.

Also here in this article you can listen to a 30 minute recorded interview with Sean Collier’s biological father Allen Collier’s with his description of how Somerville politics stood in the way of his son becoming a Somerville Police officer and what possibly led him to his destiny with death and where we are today.

In an interview, Sean’s dad Allen Collier calling Curtatone an attention monger was outraged at Mayor Curtatone’s sugarcoating of declaring Sean Collier a Posthumously Somerville Police officer after his son was six feet underground only almost seven days after his murder at MIT by the Boston Marathon Bombing suspects.

According to other Somerville Police candidates on the official job waiting lists as well as for other Somerville Police officers they were unaware of a Somerville’s civil service suit hearing that they all described that may have been all hush-hush with a gag order and nobody knew about this it because it was quiet.

After Sean’s murder, Sean’s father requested the documentation from the courts telling them that the secret is over, my son is dead, please give me the multiple page transcripts of the hearing as well as the audio cd recorded transcript with Sean’s voice at the 2012 civil service hearing that took place at Ashburton Place in Boston.

In an exclusive interview with Somerville DPW employee Theresa Hussey She said “If this is true, and I have no reason to believe it’s not, Sean Collier would be alive today. It’s sad, my thoughts are prayers are with the Collier family. Like I said if this is true Mayor Joe Curtatone has blood on his hands along with evil and hate in his head. It would also explain the mistreatment I’ve received at work with the City of Somerville Department of Public Works since Joe Curtatone became Mayor. Just in the last year and a half I’ve been falsely accused leading me to be put on leave for 44 weeks including two separate suspensions (2days and 30 days) costing me over $50,000 in lost pay and benefits. This is just in the last year and a half alone. I can go on and on about the mistreatment I’ve received in my workplace with the City of Somerville since Joe Curtatone became Mayor however I’ll save for another day since all that pales in comparison to the loss the Collier family has suffered. It’s my opinion that Mayor Curtatone should Resign in shame immediately!”

As listed in the official Officer Down Memorial Page: SEAN ALLEN COLLIER

Patrol Officer Sean Collier was shot and killed during a large scale manhunt for suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

At approximately 10:30 pm one of the subjects approached Officer Collier as he sat in his patrol car and opened fire on him without warning, striking him several times. The subjects then attempted to steal his service weapon but were thwarted by his level-three holster.

The suspects then carjacked a vehicle and led police on a pursuit while throwing explosive devices at pursuing units. The pursuit ended in Watertown, where one suspect was killed and a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Police Officer was shot and seriously wounded in a gun battle. The second suspect was captured in Watertown the following evening after another shootout.

On April 10, 2014, Police Officer Dennis Simmonds, of the Boston Police Department, died of a brain aneurysm that may have resulted from a head injury he sustained during the shootout with the bombers. He had been struck in the head by shrapnel from a bomb that had been detonated during the shootout.

On April 8th, 2015, the brother who was arrested was convicted of murdering Officer Collier and 29 others counts related to the original bombing.

Officer Collier had served with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Police Department since January 2012 and had previously worked as a civilian employee of the Somerville Police Department. On August 22nd, 2013, he was posthumously sworn in as a Somerville police officer. He is survived by his parents and five siblings.

Photo beginning clockwise from the lower left of the photo, Andrew Collier, Nicole Lynch, Sean Collier, Jennifer Lemmerman, Jenn Rogers, and Rob Rogers.

Click link below to hear William Tauro’s Interview with Allen Collier, Sean Collier’s father:


Click on link below to hear Officer Sean Collier in his own words as well as in his own voice at his requested civil service hearing in a never revealed forgotten audio recording:


7 thoughts on “Was Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier A Victim of Somerville Manipulated Politics? The True Story”

  1. If you anonymous gutless posters think that we’re going to let you torment this man and his family any further you’re out of your mind!

    1. Hi Steve Hopefully he will never lose anybody or have anybody you care about be affected by this disgusting mayor’s political agenda.

  2. Sean WAS passed over by the Mayor. Sean was a great kid who was a civilian employee in the IT Department in the Somerville Police Department. He should have been hired in Somerville.

  3. I have been told that Sean was ‘passed over’. It makes me cringe every time I hear the Mayor sadly say he was about to be made a Somerville Police Officer, which I don’t believe was true.

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