Under My Thumb ‘Til Death Do We Part Somerville’s Unofficial Code of Silence on Police and Fire Hiring Lists

By William Tauro

The discovery of shocking testimony in a recent article revealed on an audio cd recording of a 2012 civil service hearing with Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier.

On the recording Sean Collier in his own words and in his own voice exposes the mechanisms of political tampering that were used to infiltrate and defying the Somerville Police and Fire Department’s hiring list system with political retaliation and illegal evidence of personal gain exists.

The article revealed how local politics at city hall as well as at the Somerville Police Department constantly maneuvers the unofficial code of silence that has changed the destiny of so many young police and firefighter candidates as well as in a couple of cases resulting in the deaths of those candidates.

To put it in simple terms, if a police or firefighter potential candidate on the hiring list wants to become a Somerville Police officer or a Somerville Firefighter in a few cases they have to pay the piper in one way or another.

No participation in simple terms here including that even if the administration doesn’t like you it could prompt political retaliation that could result of a bogus politically motivated disqualification via being bumped from the hiring list all together.

Even potential for unjustifiable political tactics to bump an entire list to make room for political favorites exists. Then later the administration can easily blame it on the occasional lame excuse that it’s a human resource era as in the cases of both the retired US Navy Seal and slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier who’s destinies both resulted eventually in their deaths after being bumped themselves.

Since the highly publicized Somerville News Weekly articles of the retired Navy Seal Firefighter’s and MIT Police Officer Sean Collier’s deaths there articles have grown legs with growing attention tentacles moving out everywhere with national attention involving more and more victims who are now finally coming forward with their stories.

And for the many on duty active police officers and firefighters as well as for the retirees out there they are most fearful of coming forward because of fear of political retaliation that could possibly result in their terminations in one way or another.

In simple terms if you want to get placed on or stay on the job, receive occasional promotions or even for retired police officers to allowed to return to work paid city details even after retirement then just keep your mouths shut and as Sergeant Shultz would always say “I See Nothing!”

Just not so long ago a retired Somerville Police Captain was posting on a personal Facebook site regarding an election conversation that began with a simple President Trump and Elizabeth Warren subject. The discussion that referred to political corruption then immediately switched over to a conversation that police hiring list political tampering exists in Somerville.

He then posted a comment that “He would never support anybody that endorsed Trump” and “ I have been on promotional lists with openings that they refuse to promote from so their favorites can be on the new list – they do this all the time and this is with civil service protection” in reference to his own personal experience on the job.

But then Retired Captain Mike was immediately called out and given a total shellacking by me with the following posted comments.

I, William Tauro posted my response with: “Well Mike you were in the Somerville Police command staff for a long, long time and you were a full bloom captain. If you knew about this and have known about this as it was happening for so many years why haven’t you had the balls to come forward on it and why aren’t you speaking about it? You had the power to stop it as you were quietly watching it happen every day! Maybe you’re part of the problem? But you come out and spoke about President Trump .
That’s just wrong. If more people spoke up about it when they knew what was going on right in front of them and in their own office maybe Sean Collier would be alive today? Just saying!
Hey Mike and oh ya enjoy your retirement!”

Then almost immediately after that, Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier’s father Allen Collier who apparently was monitoring the site responded back to the retired SPD Captain Mike D with a total shellacking of his own with:
“Good morning Mike when you will not support this President I was thinking. If we had a liberal democrat like Warren for a president these migrant caravans would just come on in and claim asylum and roam among us. They are just malnutrition people looking for a better life according to Obama. It was Obama’s policies on drones killing innocent people that inspired the Boston Bombers to do what they did. Oh those are the same people that came to America in 2002 on a tourist visa and then claimed asylum. You know the same people that murdered your “friend” Sean. Where were all Sean’s friends in that recording of the hearing, he sounded so all alone. I hope you have a lot of “friends” Mike because supporting Democrats I think you are going to need them. I hope you are enjoying your retirement in this robust economy, how about you give all the money you have made in your retirement portfolio since President Trump came into Office and give it to charity. You would not like to be called a hypocrite. I am sure you are enjoying your retirement as mush as I am, but don’t worry that dark cloud hanging over our heads hopefully will dissipate someday. I will not stop till I finish what my Son started and you should be thankful that Billy Tauro has the guts to expose these crooks.
Allen Collier”

The unofficial Somerville code of silence that exists here in the city basically sends a message to the good hardworking men and women who are on the job and who are petrified of political retaliation that if they want to keep their jobs that they must keep their mouths shut.

The unofficial code basically tells them that the administration owns them while on the job as well as for the retirees that got to come back at the mayor’s will.

Basically he owns them in fear of retaliation of being terminated until the day they die by not firing them for any bullcrap reasons and by paying the details to those retirees that don’t talk.

On one hand it seems and is very shameful but on the other hand I get it, but if enough people come forward and tell their stories we can defeat this political strong arming tactic and his evil empire once and for all.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the retired Navy Seal firefighter candidate and his family that after being bumped from the list and then took his own life.

Prayers also go out to the Collier Family where their son was also a victim of local Somerville political tactics that led to the death of Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier who’s course in destiny placed him where he was murdered by the Boston Marathon Bombers.

In an interview with Officer Sean Collier‘s father Allen Collier who told us that “If my son had become a Somerville Police Officer when he was supposed to be without any political list tampering that he would possibly still be here alive today and not have been where destiny placed him in the position to be where he was when the Boston Marathon Bombers murdered him in cold blood.

Allen Collier also told us that “The city making him a Somerville Police Officer posthumously and awarding Sean Collier with Somerville Police badge number 310 almost a week after he was murdered and six feet under was totally disrespectful and insulting after the fact and nothing more than an attention monger wanting to put his political career and face in the spotlight.”

If this has happened to you or anybody that you know of, you can stop it. Instead of just watching it as it happens everyday and claiming more victims, help put an end to it by speaking up and exposing these culprits.

Listen to Slain MIT Police Officer Sean Collier in his own words and voice in this article link below:https://thesomervillenewsweekly.blog/2018/10/30/was-slain-mit-police-officer-sean-collier-a-victim-of-somerville-manipulated-politics-the-true-story/

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