Neeze & Ace Are Back At It: A Somerville Water Story

Somerville’s own Neeze & Ace Don are back at it again with a spin off of their song “ Somerville Water.”

“A Somerville Water Story” the video everyone is impatiently waiting for is rumored to drop very soon. In the song Neeze tells a story about finding his stepfather dead on his birthday many years ago . Ace don who just recently lost his mother to this epidemic is the singer on the chorus , you can feel his pain through his vocals .

The video was shot by Roman Visuals a premiere videographer from East Boston. As the hype builds everyone is itching for the video to drop , knowing what Neeze and Ace Don did with the original “ Somerville Water.”

The expectations are high but when talking to Neeze there is no doubt in his mind that this will exceed expectations saying “ you can’t deny good music , this epidemic just keeps claiming lives after lives so maybe if i tell the story of one of the worst/ traumatic days of my life it will wake some people up and give them that fight to quit , addiction don’t only affect the one who’s addicted it ruins loved ones also.”

So the question is when will this video drop ? Will it exceed expectations? Will this be the one that has all eyes on Neeze & Ace ? Only time will tell!

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