Somerville Speakup Line: Sean Collier’s Father’s Plea for Answers After Responding to Retired SPD Captain About Police Hiring List Tampering Which Resulted In Sean’s Fatal Destiny Who Posted“They do this all the time”

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

This is in response to a retired Somerville Police captain on Facebook who posted on William Tauro’s Facebook page that began with a simple President Trump and Elizabeth Warren discussion then the captain referred to political corruption on police hiring lists exists in Somerville.

Retired SPD Captain Mike D: “ I have been on promotional lists with openings that they refuse to promote from so their favorites can be on the new list – they do this all the time and this is with civil service protection.”

William Tauro’s response: “Well Mike you were in the Somerville Police command staff for a long, long time and you were a full bloom captain. If you knew about this and have known about this as it was happening for so many years why haven’t you had the balls to come forward on it and why aren’t you speaking about it? You had the power to stop it as you were quietly watching it happen every day ! Maybe you’re part of the problem? But you come out and spoke about President Trump 👌.

That’s just wrong. If more people spoke up about it when they knew what was going on right in front of them and in their own office maybe Sean Collier would be alive today? Just saying!

Hey Mike and oh ya enjoy your retirement!

Allen Collier’s response to Retired SPD Captain Mike D:

Good morning Mike when you will not support this President I was thinking. If we had a liberal democrat like Warren for a president these migrant caravans would just come on in and claim asylum and roam among us. They are just malnutrition people looking for a better life according to Obama. It was Obama’s policies on drones killing innocent people that inspired the Boston Bombers to do what they did. Oh those are the same people that came to America in 2002 on a tourist visa and then claimed asylum. You know the same people that murdered your “friend” Sean. Where were all Sean’s friends in that recording of the hearing, he sounded so all alone. I hope you have a lot of “friends” Mike because supporting Democrats I think you are going to need them. I hope you are enjoying your retirement in this robust economy, how about you give all the money you have made in your retirement portfolio since President Trump came into Office and give it to charity. You would not like to be called a hypocrite. I am sure you are enjoying your retirement as mush as I am, but don’t worry that dark cloud hanging over our heads hopefully will dissipate someday. I will not stop till I finish what my Son started and you should be thankful that Billy Tauro has the guts to expose these crooks.

Allen Collier

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