My Predictions of The Somerville Swamp

By William Tauro

With everything that I have been writing about the Somerville Swamp over the past few years is not being written for any other then the reasons that it is, all the allegations are absolutely true and will be 100% proven.

The constituents, the good people of Somerville, the good people who have been played have been betrayed by their own trusted elected officials and appointed hacks.

These are the very same elected officials that we put our trust in, our support got them elected, then we silently watched them line their pockets during their reign of distrustful self profiting and brought back a new nickname for Somerville that was once referred as Slumerville, but now most recently labled ScandalVille.

Some of my predictions, well actually most of them will be right on key and some may not. But if I were a betting man, I’d raise the stakes and put it all on the line. If I had to rate the possibilities of my predictions coming through precisely on a scale from 1-10, I would give it a 9.7 at 97% that things will happen, bad thing for them, but great things for the justice system and for the people of Somerville.

Dragon Lady Registrar of Deeds Maria will obviously sadly retain her seat as South Middlesex County Registrar of Deeds but my prediction is that she will be stepping down very shortly in disgrace over the many allegations of her own self inflicted dirty deeds are proven that she has shamelessly committed over the years. And for her we certainly hope that karma is present for all her actions over all the allegations of abuse that a family member of hers has endured over the years.

We’re also hearing that the stabbing victim as well as the other victim who got the concussion during the registrars underage drinking-fest party may have been already reached by Maria and her brother. we’re hearing that a pay off may have occurred to silence them from coming forward especially where one of the victims, the stabbing victim, was one of Mayor Joe’s football players. That’s probably why you haven’t heard any news reported about it because it’s gone, poof, disappeared! Just like the old sayings go “Silence is Golden and Cash is King!” On the other hand, shame on our command staff at the Somerville Police Department for letting this happen and get completely swept under layers and layers of rug. It’s an insult to everybody in the city, especially to the good people of Somerville who deserve much better.

Mayor Joe, well what can I say, the proof is in the pudding and that he made his own bed. My prediction for his future is that if a grand jury is not assembled before the next round of Somerville mayoral elections at the next election cycle, he will not run again because his future has been seriously tarnished by his own actions that nobody but himself can take credit for. In other words he’s done in politics.

As for our Corrupt Captain Coverup at the Somerville Police Station I believe that the last time that he told the truth was when he was in the dentist chair and he may have lied that day as well. My prediction for him is that he also will be stepping down in disgrace putting in for his retirement (again) but as they say with that old saying “You can run but you can’t hide” and I believe that will be the case with him with justice prevailing and him paying the price serving time for all his crimes of coverups that he has committed over the years.

The DPW’s Cowardly Lion, well I hope he enjoys his classic convertible that was restored on the taxpayers expense and everything else that he thought that he got away with over the years. As that old saying goes “If you want to play, you got to pay” and I believe all the past will catch up to him very soon and the word of the day with him will be “RESTITUTION”, lots and lots of “RESTITUTION” and of course time served for turning in states evidence!

Regarding the Crooked DPW Commissioner, well there’s not enough pages in this paper to list everything that he’s done and thought that he got away with over decades. There is one guarantee though that when there’s a movie to be made about these Somerville bag-jobs and believe me there is, mostly all episodes will surround him and all the greedy and illegal tasks that he’s committed over the years for his own self gain. As that good old saying goes “Nothing like living off the fat of the land until you get caught!” And of course as the good Commissioner always says “It ain’t easy!”

As for our city auditor aka “the Beanhead”, well he’s not as dumb as he looks, but he’s pretty close to it to think that he would be getting away with. Especially everything that he’s done over the past years stemming back to the Dorothy Kelly Gay administration where he cleverly hid over $2 million on her to make her and her administration look bad and to help Joe get elected. And just like that old saying goes “Good red wine it gets better in time” so won’t his time, it’ll get better and bigger as more details unfold about his crooked reign of corruption and deception.

As far as for all of Joe’s cronies, you know the other sleazy appointed hacks and you know who you are, the phrase of the day for you guys is “Guilty by association!” I’m actually just going to love watching all of you guys dish up $20,000- $50,000 or more each for your defense funds then getting found guilty as you help take down the big fish. I just can’t wait for that to happen and it will make a perfect ending to a book as well as a for an interesting TV series.

This story is still developing…

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