Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Jordan YANDLE (Miscellaneous Statutory Viol & SPD Warrant)

Report entered by SPD Records Personnel based upon report by SHA (LC)”

The following is a brief summary of facts pertaining to incident #18044881.

While on patrol of the Mystic River development in my un-marked police vehicle for the Somerville Housing police 5pm -1am shift, I observed an individual known to me as Jordan Yandle DOB xxxx-homeless.

This individual was also known to me to have 2 outstanding warrants for his arrest. I saw Mr. Yandle walking along side of the adjacent property to the Mystic River development near 7 Memorial Road.

As I stopped my vehicle to approach him he took off running towards Temple Street. I gave out his clothing description over my police radio and moments later SPD Tango-9 observed this individual running on Temple Street and was able to apprehend him at Temple and Derby Streets.

I arrived moments later to assist T-9 with placing Mr. Yandle into handcuffs. While doing a pat frisk for weapons incident to arrest we found a 3 inch silver colored folding knife inside his pants pocket.

He also had in his possession a white I-phone with a PINK colored case (this will be placed in with his possessions at the SPD).

Mr. Jordan Yandle was arrested on the 2 outstanding warrants for his arrest and he is being additionally charged with the violation of The City of Somerville Knife Ordinance 9-96 POSSESSION OF A DANGEROUS WEAPON.

Respectfully submitted;

Sean Browne-Investigator Somerville Housing police

Badge # 919

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