Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Nedjedla NHERISSON (A&B, Unarmed Assault to Rob x 2)

On July 29, 2018 I was in full uniform and assigned to Marked cruiser West 7. I was notified by dispatch, along with car West 6, Officer Nevin, that a larceny was in progress and the employee was being assaulted at 12xx Broadway, XXXX. I arrived on scene within a minute or two and entered the business. I observed 5 people inside, one which was pointed out as the assailant by XXXX. I approached the assailant and asked what had happened ? She was out of breath, sweaty, and had a torn tank top type black shirt. The assailant, later identified as Ms. Nedjedla Nherisson, stated in an excited tone that “they owed her money, the machine took my money”. I walked over to the store employee, Ms. YYYY, and asked her what had happened as unit West 6 arrived. Ms. YYYY was red in the facial and neck area, showed a little blood on her left earlobe, and was crying as well as shaking. She stated that “that woman” pointing to the defendant attacked her and tried to pull the cash register out with both hands. Ms. YYYY pushed her out of the way, but the defendant fought back and shoved Ms. YYYY into a short wall where she struck her head and landed on the floor (tearing her ear ring in the process. The defendant went further behind the register area, finding the defendants pocketbook and grabbed it. Ms. YYYY grabbed the pocketbook back and the defendant struck her, pulling the pocketbook out of her hands. The defendant went inside the pocketbook and pulled her wallet out, going through it looking for money, however, there was no money inside. The defendant walked over to where her luggage was and the Police arrived, being flagged down by Ms. XXXX.

Officer Nevin stayed with the defendant after I handcuffed her, placing her under arrest. I spoke briefly with the two other occupants of the laundromat, Ms. ZZZZ and Ms. ZZZZ, who witnessed the incident. I also spoke with Ms. XXXX, who gave a corroborating statement about the incident. While looking for the key to the cash register, which went missing, it was located by Officer Nevin in the right front pocket of the defendant.

The defendant was transported to the Somerville Police Station and booked by the Commander, Lt. A.W. Rymill. Ms. YYYY was looked at by Fire and Cataldo but stated she would seek treatment at a later time if needed.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ofc. Robert W Hickey

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