Mayor’s Annual “Old Time” Picnic

By William Tauro

Join us for the Mayor’s Annual “Old Time” Picnic on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 – 11:00am – 2:00pm at Powderhouse Park.

There will be food, dancing, music, entertainment and prizes galore.

The Mayor’s Annual Picnic was first introduced to Somerville seniors during the Brune Administration era by Mayor Gene Brune.

Since then the tradition has carried on throughout the years under the direction of Somerville’s Council on Aging as well as throughout all the preceding administrations as an annual successful event.

Hundreds of Somerville seniors attend the Annual Mayor’s Senior Picnic every year that is held at the Powder House Park.

Somerville’s own homegrown talent is always on stage and leading an array of entertainment performing for the crowd.

There will be plenty of dancing, music, entertainment and prizes all throughout the day.

About the Somerville COA:

The Somerville Council on Aging supports older adults in their efforts to maintain their independence by enhancing growth, dignity, and a sense of belonging in mind, body, and spirit while they age in place.

They have a responsibility to provide access to fitness, health, and wellness activities, socialization opportunities, educational programs, transportation, and support services.

All of thier programming, events, services, groups, trips and our health & wellness activities are advertised on the City’s cable television station, the City’s web site, our Facebook account, their monthly newsletter and in local papers.

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