Somerville Speakup Line:Exploited In Somerville by the Mayor’s Sister Maria

Dear Billy T and Somerville Speakup Line,

Well it’s been over a month now since the South Middlesex County Register of Deeds Curtatone party shitshow on Prospect Hill.

I know Maria very well and she will not allow her brother to continue this investigation to find the stabber because they control who gets found and who gets lost in the shuffle. No police reports yet because Joe was told by her not to find him and they won’t.

I’m surprised that nobody from the police department investigation team whoever they may be has of yet has gone to Taylor Rental on McGrath Highway to interview them. Maria went there to hire a truck load of folding chairs tents and other party goods for that particular event and even told my friend who works there that “She hired a police detail so I don’t care what happens!” Just look at their video surveillance cameras and interview them to verify it. She knew very well how many people were going to attend and clearly didn’t care.

I even heard that the police officer who was there was in plain clothes and who was even too drunk to fill out the reports and had to have other officers at the scene fill out the reports for him because he was too drunk to do so himself. Check it out.

I know Registrar Maria very well. She hired me once to paint her house. Anyone else would’ve charged her over $4500-$5000 for the job that I did. I only charged her $3000 for paint material and labor at a tremendous discount with hopes and dreams that she would fulfill her personal promise to me to help me become a legal citizen.

Even though I am an illegal alien trying to do the right thing here and support my family here in Somerville as a Brazilian house painter she took advantage me.

When I completed the job for Maria and when it came to collect the bill she only gave me $1,000.

When I asked her for the remaining outstanding agreed balance of $2,000 she started to shout at me and blasted me out like a psychotic person verbally at the top of her lungs with threats that I was an illegal alien and that she doesn’t have to pay me the balance because I have no recourse and won’t be able to take her to court because I am not legal in this country.

But its ok for her to have an illegal immigrant paint your house and be treated like a slave on your personally owned property then exploit them and not pay them then launch a series of Mafia type threats.

Shame on the sanctuary city of Somerville and this monster of the mayor’s sister she’s a complete disgrace.

Bill there are so many crimes going on under her roof on Monroe Street like illegal drug use and distribution to exploitation of illegal immigrants for slavery type of work around her house as well as for her own sexual pleasures.

I also have a friend who used to work for Maria at the registry who is a very highly respected gentleman who used to work for the city of Somerville as well. He voluntarily resigned from the Registry of Deeds because of fear of retaliation that Maria would take on him by refusing sexual advancements made by the Registrar to him in her personal vehicle while taking him to Home Depot during work to pass some time.

I’m surprised that others haven’t come forward as of yet but just wait they will.

I will get in touch with you this week and plan a meeting to combat this corruption that resides on Prospect Hill so please sharpen your pencil because I have a lot to say.

I repeat shame on this sanctuary city of Somerville and this monster of the mayor’s sister she’s a complete disgrace!

She should be tried and incarcerated on a federal level and your just the man to get it done.

The Painter

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