Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Francis FURNELLI (Disturbing the Peace)

On the above date and time, Officer James Torres, and I were dispatched to 150 Highland Avenue, The Highland Kitchen, for a dispute.

Upon my arrival, I observed the defendant, Francis Furnelli, screaming and yelling obscenities at the The Highland Kitchen manager, XXXX. Note: The distance between Furnelli and XXXX were inches. XXXX made numerous attempts to calm Furnelli down, however, he was unsuccessful. I asked Furnelli for his identification, which he did not comply immediately. I made numerous unsuccessful attempts to calm Furnelli down due to his boisterous and tumultuous behavior, however, he continued to get louder and he continued to use profanity. Detective Jason Costa and Officer Devin Schneider arrived on scene to assist. I observed one individual recording us on his cell phone, and there was a group of people coming out of The Highland Kitchen and convenience store standing in place on the side walk looking in our direction.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to quiet/calm Furnelli, he was placed under arrest. Officer Roger Desrochers arrived in Unit 200, the prisoner transport vehicle, and Furnelli was transported back to the Somerville Police Station where he was booked and processed in the usual manner.

After Furnelli had been transported to the Somerville Police Station, I spoke with XXXX. XXXX stated that he had been alerted by his bartender that she was no longer going to serve Furnelli because he had two aggressive encounters with two regular patrons of The Highland Kitchen. Gardner stated that he respected his bartender’s request to no longer serve Furnelli, and he asked Furnelli to leave the establishment, which Furnelli refused.

I then spoke to the bartender, YYYY. YYYY stated that she observed Furnelli harass and heckle two regular patrons. YYYY stated that she was concerned that Furnelli may escalate his disruptive behavior, and she alerted XXXX regarding not serving Furnelli any more alcohol. YYYY stated that Furnelli was served one alcoholic cider prior to his disruptive behavior, and she also admitted that he did not appear to be intoxicated prior to entering the establishment.

Note: I was unable to obtain a copy of the recording from the cell phone by the unknown bystander.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Eduardo Soares

Badge #272

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