Real Life Somerville Police Stories: Antoine MARKENSON (ADW, Threat to Commit Crime)

The following is a summary of facts pertaining to incident #18038924:

On Friday, June 29, 2018, I was assigned to marked unit East 3. At approximately 11:03 pm, I was dispatched to the intersection of Central St and Highland Ave for the report of an assault. Somerville Dispatch said the reporting party told them that a black male, wearing a black shirt and black pants had threatened him with a knife. Officer Issacs (East 2) responded as backup.

In route to that location, Somerville Dispatch informed responding units that the victim, later identified as XXXX was no longer on scene. XXXX told Somerville Dispatch that he was in an Uber, a black Toyota Prius, Massachusetts registration #xxxx, and that he was now at the intersection of Main St and Broadway. Officer Ruf (East 4) and Officer Canty (East 1) responded to that location.

Officer Canty told all units that XXXX said the black male was driving a silver Chrysler, with license plate #xxxx. Within minutes, Officer Browne of the Somerville Housing Authority stated that he and SHA Officer Gabaree had that vehicle and a black male fitting the description stopped behind 30 Memorial Rd. Officer Issacs and I responded to that location.

On scene, Officer Gabaree informed me that due to the nature of the call and the black male fitting the description the victim had given, he conducted a pat frisk of the black male, who they were able to identify as Antoine Markenson and found a knife in his front right pocket. Officer Browne told me that he and Officer Gabaree were driving down Memorial Rd towards Temple St when they heard Officer Canty give the description of the suspect’s vehicle. Officer Browne said just as they reached Temple St they saw a Chrysler Pacifica with the matching registration number traveling at a high rate of speed down Temple St from Broadway and turn left onto Memorial Rd. They immediately turn around and followed the vehicle and stopped it behind 30 Memorial Rd.

I asked Antoine where he was coming from when Officer Browne stopped him. Antoine said, “I don’t have to answer your questions, I know my rights”. At this time a large group had gathered. Antoine said, “This is harassment, why am I being detained”. I explained to Antoine that he was a suspect in an assault that occurred a few minutes earlier. It should be noted that Antoine was wearing a black t-shirt and black pants. Antoine said, “I didn’t assault anyone, where is the victim”. I radioed Officer Ruf and Officer Canty and they said they were going to be conducting a show up (see Officer Ruf’s supplemental report incident #18038924-2). Officer Browne and Officer Gabaree whom were in plain clothes brought Antoine to a location a few feet away to wait for the arrival of Officer Ruf and Bryon. With Bryon in the back seat, Officer Ruf pulled up to our location. After a minute, Officer Canty signaled to me that the Bryon had positively identified Antoine as the man that assaulted him. Antoine was placed under arrest and transported to the station by Officer Soares in unit 200 where he was booked in the usual manner by Lt. DeOliveira.

XXXX told me that he was in the back on an Uber. When they turned onto Central St from Somerville Ave, he and the Uber driver, YYYY, noticed a car following them very closely. XXXX said the following car was flashing its lights and honking its horn repeatedly. At one point, XXXX had YYYY stop the car so he could get out and ask the driver what the problem was. When XXXX got out, Antoine got out of the driver’s side of the Chrysler Pacifica and walked towards XXXX. XXXX said Antoine was holding something in his right hand that he thought was a knife. XXXX said Antoine stopped a few feet from him and said, “I’ll fucking cut you”. XXXX said he got back into the Uber and Antoine got back into his car and he called the police. XXXX said Antoine continued to follow the Uber very closely and continued to honk his horn. XXXX said they drove up Central St all the way to Medford St and both cars took a left onto Medford St. XXXX said the Uber continued towards Magoun Sq but Antoine had taken a right onto one of the side streets. XXXX said they entered Magoun Sq and took a right onto Broadway and met Officer Ruf and Officer Canty on Broadway near Main St.

Antoine is being charged with Assault w/Dangerous Weapon c265 S15B, Threat to Commit Crime c275 S2, and VCO Possession of Dangerous Weapon, SCO 9 96.

A Craftsman, blue and black handled razor knife which was found in Antoine’s front right pocket was placed into evidence locker #3.

Respectfully submitted,

Officer Shaun Clark #321

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